The Index is organized alphabetically with a separate link for each letter. Within the Index, you will find the FAMILY NAME, Given Name(s), [ the Acts or Will Book number & page number for each entry and the approximate year of probate ]; and for wills probated before 1820 [ date will signed ] ; [date of birth ] ; [ date of death ] ; [ Residence ] ; [ Occupation ] ; and language of will if German (otherwise in English). The probate dates were estimated by comparison with some known death dates. They should be accurate to within a year of death/probate.
There may also be some guardianship papers as well.

Given that getting these records to this web page involves human intervention, there may be some misteaks. (Be forgiving if you find any, and let the Wizard know so he can correct them.)


1. These 15,600 probated wills and guardianship records will be available for viewing at the
Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs
Land Information Centre and Registry of Deeds
Registrar of Probate Office
270 Logan Road
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

2. Alternatively, wills may be ordered from:
The Registrar of Probate
Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs
the Land Information Centre and Registry of Deeds
P.O. Box 369
Bridgewater, NS B4V 2W9

phone (902) 527-5440
FAX (902) 527-5442

The fees for wills are:
$5 for each will regardless of length, and
$1 per page of other papers (e.g., inventory)

There are two options for payment:
a. If you wish only wills, for each will that you desire, forward $5 CDN along with the request to the above address. Provide name, Will or Act Book and Page #
b. If you wish will(s) and associated papers (e.g., inventory), then provide the desired information that you desire to the above address. By return mail the Registrar will then advise you of the cost, which upon receipt of payment, the Registrar will then photocopy and forward the requested papers.


3. Obtain microfilms from the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS). These can be ordered from any of their Family History Centre. Pages can usually be photocopied on site.
See LDS Films for a listing of available Lunenburg Probate Records.

4. Link directly to a few scattered transcripts of wills (found elsewhere in this web site or in that of Cathy DiPietro)

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