Groom Name Age, Status Occupation Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Bride Name Age, Status Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Date of MarriageLocationWitnesses
Yadon, James Wm 22,Bstone cutterBlandfordHalifaxYadon, George and Jane - stone cutter
Boutilier, Mary Ellen 17,SSt. Margarets BaySt. Margarets BayBoutilier, James and Mary - farmer
1879 Aug 26Lic,.Blandford.William T. Morash and Mary Setter
Yorke, John H 24,BmechanicChesterDartmouthYorke, John H and Charlotte - merchant
Marriett, Rhoda [Marriette]16,SChesterClements, Annapolis CountyMarriett, Alexander and Rhoda - farmer [Marriette]
1879 Dec 24Lic,.Chester.Frank Robinson and Bessie Feader
Youill, Robert W31,BminerBridgewaterLondonderryYouill, RB and Mary S - merchant
McLellan, Susie20,SLondonderryLondonderry McLellan, William and Pattie - carpenter
1884 Dec 30Lic,.Chester. Charles Lovett and Florence Lovett
Young, Aaron22,BseamanWindsor Western Shore, ChesterYoung, Jacob and Mary - seaman
Vaughan, Victoria [Vaughn]26,SWestern ShoreChesterVaughan, David and Barbara - farmer [Vaughn]
1866 Nov 3Lic,.Western Shore.*alone Young and David Vaughan
Young, Albert28,BwheelwrightMartins BrookMartin's BrookYoung, Francis and Matilda - wheelwright
Meisner, Mary Ann 24,SMeisners IslandOvensMeisner, Casper and Regina - farmer
1881 Feb 12Lic,.Falkland Road.William Duff and Margaret Duff
Young, Albert 21,BfishermanIronbound IslandIronbound IslandYoung, Edward and Eliza - fisherman
Wentzell, Sarah Ann [Wentzel]20,SIndian PointIndian PointWentzell, Benjamin and Debrah [Wentzel]
1879 Jan 1Lic,.Mahone Bay.Edward Burgoin and Joseph Ham
Young, Albert Edward23,BfishermanMill CoveMill CoveYoung, James and Barbara - farmer & fisherman
Harnish, Anna Bertha Amelia17,SMill CoveMill Cove Harnish, John and Isabell - farmer & fisherman
1887 Mar 19Lic,.Mill Cove. James Young and John Harnish
Young, Albert James36,Wmaster marinerLillydaleLunenburgYoung, Stephen and Sarah - farmer
Beck, Anna Maria26,SLunenburgLunenburg Beck, Jacob and Louisa - shoemaker
1887 Feb 10Lic,.Lunenburg. Mrs G.L. Rankin and Miss Fanny Jeffery
Young, Albert James26,BmarinerLunenburgLunenburgYoung, Stephen and Sarah - farmer
Tanner, Sarah28,SLunenburgnot givenTanner, Christopher and Catherine - fisherman
1875 Nov 9Lic,.Mahone Bay.Mrs. McNab and Sarah Eisenhaur
Young, Alexander24,Bfisherman & wheelwrightNorth WestGarden LotsYoung, Isaac & Sarah Ingles - wheelwright
Hebb, Cecelia19,SMason's IslandHeckmans Island Hebb, Alexander and Catharine Schnare - farmer
1883 Apr 7Lic,.Lunenburg. Mary McKay and Nellie Millar
Young, Alexander27,BmarinerYoungs IslandYoungs IslandYoung, Peter and Elizabeth - farmer
Old, Harriet24,WMartins RiverMartins River Eisenhauer, Edmund and Mary A - farmer [Eisenhaur]
1885 Jan 13Lic,.Mahone Bay. Alfred Eisnor (Eisenhaur) and Ada Boehner
Young, Austin25,BmechanicLunenburgLunenburgYoung, James and Catharine - farmer
Selig, Maud21,SLunenburgLunenburgSelig, Benjamin and Sophia - mechanic
1882 Jan 13Lic,.Lunenburg.Alfred Rownsefell and Bertha Selig
Young, Benjamin G24,Bship carpenterWestern ShoreMilton, Queens CountyYoung, Jacob and Mary - farmer
Keddy, Esseline [Kedy]20,SMahone Baynot givenKeddy, David and Mary - farmer [Kedy]
1867 Apr 9Lic,.Mahone Bay.Rupert G. Zwicker & wife; Silas Daurey & et al
Young, Charles Joseph47,Bship builderLunenburgLunenburgYoung, Ernest P and Elizabeth - farmer
Morash, Augusta Jane49,WLunenburgLunenburg Myra, Andrew and Elizabeth - coopeer
1886 Jan 10Lic,.Lunenburg. William F. Whitney and Charles C. Myra
Young, Charles Milledge22,Btrade agencyMahone BayWestern Shore Young, Francis and Sophia - ship carpenter
Burgoyne, Esther Emiline22,SAaldersville, New RossAaldersville, New RossBurgoyne, Benjamin and Mary Ann - farmer
1885 Nov 12,Ban.New Ross.Walter S. Burgoyne and Mary Russell
Young, Cyrus22,BfishermanBlandfordIron BoundYoung, George and Mary - farmer
Weinacht, Geneva [Wynacht]17,SBlandfordLaHaveWeinacht, Henry and Sophia - farmer [Wynacht]
1877 Aug 19Lic,.Chester.George Fleet and Elizabeth Roasht
Young, Cyrus30,WfishermanBlandfordBlandfordYoung, George and Mary - fisherman
Bolivar, Annie M [Boliver]19,SBlandfordNew Germany Bolivar, Jacob and Catherine - farmer [Boliver]
1886 Jan 23Lic,.Blandford. Howard Wynock and Simeon Young
Young, David36,WfishermanTancook IslandTancookYoung, Andrew and Elizabeth - fisherman
Wilson, Hannah22,STancook Islandnot givenWilson, John and Susan - fisherman
1875 Dec 11Lic,.Tancook Island.Samuel Smelser and Amos Hubley
Young, Edward C22,BlumbermanMills VillageMills VillageYoung, David and Marg G - tradesman
Levy, Elizabeth [Levey]19,STancook not givenLevy, Jacob and Matilda - fisherman [Levey]
1875 Dec 14Lic,.Lunenburg.Charles A. Oxner and Emma Beohner
Young, Enos23,BfishermanBlue RocksSecond PeninsulaYoung, Nelson and Abigail Feiner - wheelwright
Weaver, Georgina19,SBlue RocksBlue Rocks Weaver, Henry and Mary Ha*nod - fisherman
1883 Sept 20Lic,.Lunenburg. Nathaniel Weaver and Charlotte Greek
Young, Ernest Peter40,Wship carpenterShelburneLunenburgYoung, Peter and Elizabeth - farmer
Hebb, Mary Theresa20,SConquerallConquerallHebb, John and Catherine - farmer
1876 June 21Lic,.Conquerall.Enos Hebb and Anna Delilah Hebb
Young, Francis A26,BwheelwrightLunenburgMartins BrookYoung, Francis and Rosanna Schnar - wheelwright
Rodenhiser, Mary [Rhodeneizer]19,SFirst PeninsulaFirst Peninsula Rodenhiser, James & Sarah Loy - farmer [Rhodeneizer]
1886 Feb 6Lic,.First Peninsula. Archibald Backman and Alice Rodenizer
Young, Frank,WfarmerMartins Brook
Levy, Matilda,WMartins Brook
1865 Dec 30Lic,.Lunenburg.Edward Morash and Reuben Schnar
Young, Freeman23,BfishermanTancookTancookYoung, Casper and Arabella Wilneff - fisher
Baker, Annie21,STancookTancook Baker, Daniel and Sophia Baker - fisher
1884 Aug 16Lic,.Lunenburg. Ada L. Silver and Bella Millar
Young, Gasper41,WfishermanTancookTancookYoung, Andrew and Elizabeth - fisherman
Wilneff, Margaret Jane35,WTancookTancookCross, Henry and Eunice - farmer
1872 Oct 6Lic,.Tancook.George Cross and Israel Baker
Young, George45,WmerchantBlandfordTancookYoung, Andrew and Eliza - farmer
Weinacht, Sophia [Wynot]44,WLaHavenot givenSilver, Edward and Sophia - farmer
1867 Apr 7Lic,.Mahone Bay.George Baker and Mrs. Joseph Ham
Young, Henry25,BfarmerIndian PointIndian PointYoung, George - farmer
Zwicker, Adelaide24,Snot givennot given Zwicker, Peter - farmer
1871 May 20Lic,.. not listed
Young, Herbert21,BfishermanIron BoundIron BoundYoung, Edward and Eliza - fisherman
Baker, Lydia17,STancookTancookBaker, Edward and Sophia - farmer
1872 Mar 31Lic,.Tancook.Henry Hutt and Benjamin Hiesler
Young, I Edward60,WmarinerLunenburgGarden LotsYoung, John and C - blockmaker
Gerhard, Lucy C [Gerhart]50,WLunenburgGarden Lots Fink, John and Esther - shoemaker
1871 Jan 10Lic,.Lunenburg. Robert Scott & G. Arnburg
Young, Israel22,Bship carpenterLunenburgMartins BrookYoung, John and Louisa - farmer
Meisner, Joanna [Meisener]20,SSecond PeninsulaPeninsulaMeisner, Martin and Catharine - farmer [Meisener]
1874 Sept 22Lic,.Falkland Road.Charles Byer and Augusta Misener
Young, James29,BmarinerLunenburgLunenburgYoung, James and Catharine - farmer
Jefferson, Elizabeth 23,SLunenburgLunenburgJefferson, Robt and Drisulla - fisherman
1880 Feb 19Lic,.Lunenburg.Andrew H. Rudolf and Minnie L. Young
Young, James23,BfishermanWestern ShoreWestern ShoreYoung, Peter and Louisa - cooper
Frederick, Albertina 22,SIndian HarbourIndian HarbourFrederick, George and Sarah - fisherman
1880 Oct 21Lic,.Chester.James Keddy and George Frederick
Young, James Elias,BfarmerBranchBranchYoung, Joseph and Mary - farmer
Crouse, Eliza,SBranchBranch Crouse, Benjamin and Amelia - farmer
1871 June 3Lic,.Bridgewater. Mrs. A.C. McDonald and Rosanna Arnburg
Young, James Samuel 27,BfarmerYoungs IslandYoungs IslandYoung, George and Sarah - farmer
Zwicker, Leah Catherine 22,SIndian PointIndian PointZwicker, Edmund and Eliza - farmer
1879 May 20Lic,.Mahone Bay.Henry Young and Adelaid Young
Young, John56,WfarmerNew GermanyGrandvilleYoung, Timothy and Mary - seaman
Lohnes, Catherine24,SNorthfieldNorthfieldLohnes, John and Eliza - farmer
1875 Feb 4Lic,.Northfield.Torferd Lohnes and William Lohnes
Young, John George D23,Bwheelwright and farmerMartins BrookMartins BrookYoung, John and Luisa - wheelwright and farmer
Schnare, Annetta [Snare]20,SNorth WestNorth WestSchnare, Henry and Mary Ann - farmer [Snare]
1877 Feb 27Lic,.Falkland Road, Lunenburg.Catherine Brown and Adolphius H. Brown
Young, Joseph27,BfishermanOhioMahone BayYoung, Casper and Catherine - ship carpenter
Woodworth, Louisa Adelia [Woodsworth]25,SOhioOhio Woodworth, Philip and Louisa - farmer [Woodsworth]
1871 Feb 12Lic,.Ohio. Philip Woodsworth & Elkanah Lohnes
Young, Joseph22,Bship carpenterLunenburgMartins BrookYoung, Joseph and Sarah - farmer
Conrad, Rosannah 28,SCentre RangeCentre RangeConrad, John and Mary - farmer
1873 Nov 22Lic,.Falkland Road.James Knickle and Edna Rhuland
Young, Joseph [Jung]24,BfarmerCommon RangeCommon RangeYoung, Stephen - farmer [Jung]
Schnare, Sophia [Schnerr]22,SMartins Brooknot givenSchnare, Benjn - farmer [Schnerr]
1875 Nov 27Lic,.Dr. Stevermann's dwelling.Joseph Steadman and Emerick Stevermann
Young, Leander21,BfishermanTancookTancookYoung, Casper and Arabella Wilneff - fisher
Langille, Luella17,STancookTancook Langille, Benjamin - fisherman
1884 Sept 1Lic,.Lunenburg. Joseph Baker and Nellie Millar
Young, Leander22,BmarinerLunenburgLunenburgYoung, Edward and Caroline - merchant
Whitney, Ann20,SShelburnenot givenWhitney, Thomas and Mary - farmer
1867 June 2Lic,.Lunenburg.Isaac Whitney & William Young
Young, Leonard B34,BseafaringLunenburgMahone BayYoung, Peter Benjamin - farmer
Burns, Sarah25,SLunenburgLunenburgBurns, Paulus and Mary - seafaring
1877 Mar 14Lic,.Lunenburg.James Rudolf and Sarah Hirtle
Young, Lewis29,BfarmerMartins BrookMartin's BrookYoung, Francis and Cath - farmer
Heckman, Sarah28,SHeckmans IslandHeckmans IslandHeckman, Thom and Lucy - farmer
1870 Jan 29Lic,..Edwd Rafuse & L. Morash
Young, Maynard22,BfishermanBig Tancook IslandBig Tancook IslandYoung, Joshua and Victoria - fisherman
Baker, Salome20,SBig Tancook IslandBig Tancook IslandBaker, Stephen and Ann - fisherman
1885 May 20,Ban.Lunenburg.Madeline Caswall and Minnie A. Mosher
Young, Nathan21,BfarmerMartins BrookMartins BrookYoung, Francis and Rosanna - farmer
Leary, Minna20,SLunenburgLunenburg Leary, John and Hannah - farmer
1886 Dec 11Lic,.Mahone Bay. James Leary and James Ham
Young, Nicodemus 36,Bseafaring & farmerMartins BrookMartins BrookYoung, Gasper and Katherine - farmer
Young, Minnie20,SMartins BrookMartins BrookYoung, Stephen and Sarah - wheelwright
1881 Jan 5Lic,.Falkland Road.Margaret Duff and Isabella Duff
Young, Rufus Charles23,BfishermanMiddle LaHavePespesswick HarbourYoung, Frederick and Catherine - fisherman
Hunter, Elizabeth23,SMiddle LaHaveMiddle LaHaveHunter, John and Susannah - fisherman
1872 May 29Lic,.LaHave.Daniel Gerhart and Sarah Gerhart
Young, Simeon23,BfishermanBlandfordBlandfordYoung, George and Mary - merchant
Weinacht, Louisa21,SUpper LaHaveUpper LaHave Weinacht, Henry and Sophia - farmer
1868 Jan 11Lic,.Upper LaHave. Enos Winot & Elizabeth Demon
Young, Uriah21,fishermanIronboundIronboundYoung, George and P - fisherman
Levy, Jane18,TancookTancook Levy, Fredrick and Mary
1871 Nov 26Lic,.Chester. Benjamin Levy and James Levy
Young, Ward21,BfishermanIronbound IslandIronbound IslandYoung, Edward & Eliza - lighthouse keeper & fisher
Miller, Ellen19,SIronbound IslandMill Cove Miller, John and Betsey - fisherman
1884 Jan 21Lic,.Zwickers Island. John Andrews and James Zwicker
Young, William24,Bship carpenterLunenburgLunenburgYoung, Hibbert and Sophia - ship carpenter
Meisner, Dinah25,SSecond Peninsulanot givenMeisner, Martin - farmer
1876 July 11Lic,.Falkland Road.Daniel McGregor and Isabella C. Duff
Young, William 30,WfarmerZwickers IslandTancookYoung, Edwd and Eliza - fisherman
Tanner, Ellen35,WZwickers IslandIndian PointZwicker, James and Sophia - farmer
1880 Aug 16Lic,.Mahone Bay.Benjamin Zwicker and Ada Clare Wilson
Young, William 20,BfishermanNorth WestNorth West Young, Isaac and Sarah - fisherman
Backman, Bessie [Bachman]20,SFeltzen SouthFeltzen SouthBackman, Joshua and Mary Ann - fisherman [Bachman]
1882 June 10Lic,.Ritceys Cove.Daniel H. Ritcey and C.A. Scott

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