Groom Name Age, Status Occupation Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Bride Name Age, Status Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Date of MarriageLocationWitnesses
Tanner, Aaron20,BfishermanBlack RocksMud Cove, Blue RocksTanner, Casper and Catherine Miller - fisherman
Gilfoy, Elizabeth18,SBlack RocksBlack Rocks Gilfoy, Charles and Sophia Knickle - fisherman
1884 Mar 29Lic,.Black Rocks. John Tanner and Emma Tanner
Tanner, Adam,BfarmerHeckmans Island
Heckman, Arabella,SHeckmans Island
1865 June 3Lic,.Falkland Road .Margaret Ross and William Duff junr
Tanner, Alexander23,BfishermanHeckmans IslandHeckman's IslandTanner, John and Lucy - farmer
Winters, Letitia [Winter]22,SHeckmans IslandHeckmans IslandWinters, Philip - farmer
1867 Sept 7Lic,.Lunenburg.Annie Duff & Kate Bailly
Tanner, Alfred 21,BfishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Leonard and Sophia - fisherman
Tanner, Emma 17,SBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Reuben and Caroline - fisherman
1880 Jan 1Lic,.Black Rocks.Samuel Tanner and Neinne Richard
Tanner, Caleb EH23,BcarpenterMahone BayMahone BayTanner, Benjamin and Margaret - carpenter
Ernst, Lucretia M21,SMahone BayMahone BayErnst, Michael and Matilda - seaman
1875 Oct 16Lic,.Mahone Bay.Bemjammin Tanner and Levi D. Langille
Tanner, Daniel21,Bfisherman and farmerSouthSouthTanner, Caspar and Maria - farmer & fisher
Cook, Jeannette20,SItalyItaly Cook, Thomas and Sophia - soldier
1883 Jan 6Lic,.Lunenburg. Freeman Tanner and Louisa Acker
Tanner, Daniel22,BfishermanBlack Rocks Black RocksTanner, James and Mary A - fisherman
Wilneff, Sophia [Willenaugh/Wilniff,]17,SBlack RocksBlack Rocks Wilneff, James and Caroline - fisherman [Willenaugh/Wilniff,]
1886 Nov 17Lic,.Black Rocks. Joanna Selig and James Fridenburg
Tanner, Daniel21,Bfarmer and fishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Lewis and Sarah - farmer & fisherman
Greek, Greek18,SBlack Rocksnot givenGreek, John - farmer & fisherman
1874 Jan 29Lic,.Falkland Road.William Rockwell and John Greek
Tanner, David24,BfarmerHeckmans IslandHeckmans IslandTanner, John and Lucy - fisherman
Moser, Eliza Jane21,SHeckmans IslandHeckmans IslandMoser, John and Eliza - farmer
1873 Dec 20Lic,.Lunenburg.Albert Heckman and Mary Ann Knickle
Tanner, Ephraim,BBlue Rocks
Allen, Mary,SBlue Rocksnot given
1866 Mar 24Lic,.Blue Rocks.Michael Moser and Mary A. Moser
Tanner, Gabriel21,BfishermanBlue RocksBlue RocksTanner, Lewis and Anna Miller - fisherman
Robar, Rebecca17,SBlue RocksBlue Rocks Robar, Benjamin and Lucy Ann Greek - fisherman
1883 Mar 31Lic,.Lunenburg. Charlotte Greek and Nellie Millar
Tanner, Gabriel24,BfishermanGarden LotsHeckmans IslandTanner, Lewis and Susannah - farmer
Counteway, Mary Alice [Countaway]20,SBlack RocksBlack RocksCounteway, Joseph and Lucy - fisherman [Countaway]
1883 Dec 8Lic,.Garden Lots.Albina E. Brown and Albert Meisner
Tanner, George23,BfishermanBlue RocksBlue RocksTanner, George - fisherman
Morash, Sarah23,SBlue RocksBlue RocksMorash, Christopher - farmer & fisherman
1869 Oct 7,Ban.Blue Rocks.Christopher Morash and Mrs. Morash
Tanner, George34,WfishermanLunenburgBlack RocksTanner, Leonard and Sophie - fisherman
Risser, Richard, [Riesser]33,WLunenburgRose Bay Himmelman, George and Mary - fisherman
1886 Apr 7Lic,.Lunenburg. Francis M. Tanner and Lottie Johnson
Tanner, George Henry26,BfishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Leonard and Sophia - fisherman
Richardson, Charlotte Rosanna22,SLunenburgBlack RocksRichardson, Thomas & Charlotte - fisherman
1877 Feb 3Lic,.Black Rocks.Lewis Tanner and Mary A. Gilfoy
Tanner, George Israel27,BfishermanEastern PointEastern PointTanner, Edmund and Anna - fisherman
Spindler, Rosanna Angeline21,SFeltzen SouthFeltzen SouthSpindler, John & Mary E - farmer & fisherman
1878 Aug 22Lic,.Ovens.Nathan Spindler and Emeline Spindler
Tanner, George James45,WfishermanEastern PointBlue RocksTanner, Casper and Annie - fisherman
White, Esther Sophia45,WBlack RocksBlack RocksGilfoyle, James and Mary - fisherman
1878 Dec 7Lic,.Black Rocks.William Selig and J.W. Stephenson
Tanner, Henry23,BfishermanBlue RocksBlue RocksTanner, George - fisherman
Knickle, Louisa20,SBlue RocksBlue RocksConrad Knickle - fisherman
1870 Jan 27,Ban..George Knickle and Maria *****
Tanner, Henry J 27,Bfarmer & fishermanLaHave RangeLaHave RangeTanner, Caspar and Maria - seafaring
Dares, Georgina [Dory]24,SSouthSouthDares, Joseph and Elizabeth - farmer [Dory]
1880 Oct 16Lic,.Lunenburg.Benjamin Zink and Rosanna Tanner
Tanner, Jacob Freeman24,BsailorFirst SouthLaHave RangeTanner, Caspar and Miriane - sailor
Demone, Antionette Aramina22,SCentre RangeCentre Range Demone, David and Christianne - farmer [Demon]
1886 Mar 20Lic,.Lunenburg. Freeman Demon and Louisa Lohnes
Tanner, James22,BfishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Casper and Catherine Miller - fisherman
Weinacht, Adelaide [Wynacht]19,SBlack RocksSouthWeinacht, George and Sophia Himmelman - fisherman [Wynacht]
1881 June 18Lic,.Blue Rocks.Edward Miller and Helen Miller
Tanner, James35,WseamanEast PointLunenburgUnknown
Zinck, Mary Ann [Zink]25,SRose Baynot givenUnknown
1874 Feb 19,Ban.Lunenburg.John Smith and Laura E. Smith
Tanner, James Freeman20,BfishermanMud Cove, Lunenburg Co.Mud Cove, Lunenburg Co.Tanner, Casper and Catherine - fisherman
Gilfoy, Anna [Gilfoye]18,SBlack RocksBlack Rocks Gilfoy, Charles and Sophia - fisherman [Gilfoye]
1886 June 14Lic,.Black Rocks. John Tanner and Emma Tanner
Tanner, John22,BfishermanBlack Rocks Black RocksTanner, Casper and Catherine Miller - fisherman
White, Emma17,SBlack RocksBlack Rocks White, William and Esther Gilfoy - fisherman
1883 Jan 2Lic,.Black Rocks. Robert Wight and Mrs. Alfred Tanner
Tanner, John46,BfishermanMahone BayBlack RocksTanner, Christian and Katie Leslie - fisherman
Weinacht, Sarah Cassandra [Wynacht]32,SBlack RocksSouthWeinacht, George and Sophia Himmelman - farmer & fisherman [Wynacht]
1880 Nov 22,Ban.Blue Rocks.James Tanner and Jacob Nowe
Tanner, John25,BfishermanIndian PointBlack RocksTanner, George (dec'd) and Ann - fisherman
Zwicker, Eleanor Sophia28,SIndian Pointnot givenZwicker, James and Sophia - farmer
1875 Apr 6Lic,.Mahone Bay.William Young and Augusta Young
Tanner, John21,BfishermanLunenburgLunenburgTanner, George and Sophia - fisherman
Allen, Sarah Adah 18,SLunenburgLunenburgAllen, Daniel -fisherman and Christiann Tanner
1879 Oct 2Lic,.Lunenburg.Edward Knickle and Anna Owen
Tanner, John22,Bfarmer and fishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Lewis & Sarah - farmer & fisherman
Knickle, Maria20,SBlue RocksBlue RocksKnickle, Conrad - farmer and fisherman
1878 Jan 12Lic,.Falkland Road, Lunenburg.James Naas and James Rompkey
Tanner, John David20,BfishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Leonard and Sophia Tanner - fisher
Gilfoy, Emma19,SBlack RocksBlack Rocks Gilfoy, Char & Sophia Knickle - fisherman
1882 Mar 20Lic,.Black Rocks. Robert Wight and Elizabeth Gilfoy
Tanner, Leonard50,WfishermanLunenburgLunenburgTanner, Leonard and Mary - fisherman
Richardson, Charlotte Maria44,WLunenburgnot givenHebb, Philip and Charlotte - farmer
1867 Feb 14Lic,.Lunenburg.Anna Owen and Rev. H. Snyder
Tanner, Leonard24,BfishermanLunenburgBlack RocksTanner, Leonard and Sophia - fisherman
Winters, Arabelle 23,SWinters IslandWinters IslandWinters, Benjamin and Marian - fisherman
1879 Sept 23Lic,.Lunenburg.G.W. Nass and Minna Snare
Tanner, Lewis24,BseamanLunenburgLunenburgTanner, Leonard and (the late) Sophia Tanner - fisherman
Wentzell, Anna Matilda [Wentzel]25,SNorthfieldNorthfieldWentzell, David and Mary - farmer [Wentzel]
1879 Jan 31Lic,.Mahone Bay.Lewis Geldert and James Naas
Tanner, Lewis,BfishermanBlack Rocks
Selig, Anna,SBlack Rocks not given
1865 Feb 18Lic,.Lunenburg.Alexander Richardson and Edward H. Owen
Tanner, Peter Samuel26,BfishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, Leonard and Sophia - fisherman
Richardson, Minnie Matilda19,SBlue RocksBlue Rocks Richardson, George and Angeline - fisherman
1882 Sept 16Lic,.Blue Rocks. A.E. Brown and Adelaide Gilfoy
Tanner, Reuben27,WfarmerHeckmans IslandHeckman's IslandTanner, John and Lucy - farmer
Heckman, Abigail Rachel21,SHeckmans IslandHeckmans IslandHeckman, Daniel and Sophia - farmer
1867 Nov 19Lic,.Lunenburg.A.B. Fairbanks & A.P. Duff
Tanner, Simon20,BfishermanBlack Rocks Eastern PointTanner, James & Mary A Corkum - fisherman
Hopkins, Anne18,SPort Medway Port Medway Hopkins, Solomon and Sarah Wynacht - fisher
1886 Mar 4Lic,.Black Rocks. David Wight and Emma Tanner
Tanner, Stannage23,BfishermanBlack Rocks Black RocksTanner, Lewis and Catherine Tanner - fisherman & farmer
Smith, Henrietta22,SPort Medway Port Medway Smith, Josiah and Mary A Selig - fisherman & farmer
1887 Feb 15,Ban.Lunenburg. Robert A. Chesley and J. Ross Millar
Tanner, Thomas24,BfishermanBlack RocksBlack RocksTanner, George and Sophia Wagner - fisherman
Gilfoy, Christina18,SBlack RocksBlack RocksGilfoy, Charles and Sophie - farmer & fisherman
1878 Mar 28Lic,.Falkland Road.Ada Allan and John Tanner
Tanner, William24,BfishermanBlue RocksBlue RocksTanner, Lewis & Lucy Ann Hynick - fisher
Tanner, Janet20,SBlue RocksBlue Rocks Tanner, Lewis & Clara Miller - fisherman
1887 May 21Lic,.lunenburg. Reuben Selig and Anna Selig
Tayler, Alfred24,BlumbermanMill Village, Queens CountyMill Village, Queens CountyTaylor, John and Mary Ann - lumberman
Bolivar, Rosanna Elizabeth19,SLaHaveLaHaveBolivar, Simeon and Sarah - lumberman [Boliver]
1873 Sept 28Lic,.Bridgewater.Frank Foster and Nettie Crouse
Taylor, Chas Theodore34,BdruggistBridgewaterHalifaxTaylor, Henry and Ann - druggist
Hunter, Catharine Adeline38,SBridgewaterYarmouth, N.S. Hunter, Robert and Elizabeth - master foundryman
1887 June 1Lic,.Bridgewater. Wm Clark Hunter and Sarah E. Gelling
Taylor, Edward28,BfarmerDalhousieHalifaxTaylor, David and June - farmer
Fleming, Odias 23,SNew GermanyNew GermanyFleming, James and Barbara - farmer
1881 Oct 23Lic,.Lunenburg.John Fleming and Margaret Ann Fleming
Taylor, Francis,BfarmerDalhousieDalhousienot given
Taylor, Joanna,SDalhouiseDalhousienot given
1870 Sept 3Lic,..Elizabeth Prat and Mary Coffin
Taylor, Geo A30,BfarmerDalhousieDalhousieTaylor, Wm and Mary Ann - farmer
Brown, Elizabeth A21,SNew RossNew RossBrown, Henry and Sophia - farmer
1869 Dec 22Lic,.New Ross.S.P. Benjamin and Henry Brown
Taylor, R Twinning40,WshoemakerNew GermanyLaHaveTaylor, Rev Bennett & Sarah A - Bapt Min
Conrad, Zepporah20,SNew GermanyFoster Settlement Conrad, Nathan and Rebecca - farmer
1884 July 12Lic,.New Germany. David Spindler and Mrs. M.W. Brown
Taylor, R Twinning27,BshoemakerNew GermanyLaHaveTaylor, S Bennett and Sarah A
Delong, Prudena38,SNew GermanyNew Germany Delong, Casper and Jerusha - farmer
1871 Aug 26Lic,.New Germany. Henry Hall and Maggie A. Hall
Teal, Edward [Teel]18,BfarmerBroad CoveBroad CoveTeal, Edward and Matilda - farmer [Teel]
Boehner, Bessie [Boener]20,SBroad CoveLunenburgBoehner, John and Elizabeth - fisherman [Boener]
1878 Sept 15Lic,.Broad Cove.Matilda Teel
Teal, George Solomon [Teel]23,BmarinerBroad CoveBroad CoveTeal, Elkanah and Mary Agusta - farmer [Teel]
Teal, Mary Louisa [Teel]23,SBroad CoveBroad CoveTeal, John and Cassandra - farmer [Teel]
1882 Feb 7Lic,.Broad Cove.Samuel Teel and Maria Teel
Teal, Isaac27.6,Bfarmer and fishemanKingsburgKingsburgTeal, Isaac and Harriet - farmer
Zinck, Gabrella 22,SRitceys CoveRitceys CoveZinck, Isaac and Eliza - fisherman & farmer
1879 Sept 6Lic,.Ritceys Cove.Amanda Zink and Jenetta Zink
Teal, James M [Teel]24,BfishermanBroad CoveBroad CoveTeal, Martin and Mary - fisherman [Teel]
Lohnes, Agnes [Lonas]23,SCherry HillCherry Hillnot given
1883 Dec 9Lic,.Cherry Hill.Elisha Rynard and Ada Teel
Teal, Samuel [Teel]25,BfarmerBroad CoveBroad CoveTeal, John and Cassandra - farmer [Teel]
Teal, Melissa Ann [Teel]18,SBroad CoveBroad Cove Teal, Enos and Margaret - JP [Teel]
1885 Dec 30,Ban.Broad Cove. Enos Teel and Odes Bowers
Thomas, Alexander62,WblacksmithBridgewaterGranville, Ann. Co.Thomas, Joseph and Sarah - farmer
Creaser, Barbara [Kraiser]48,SLaHaveLaHave Creaser, George and Barbara - farmer [Kraiser]
1871 Aug 12Lic,.LaHave. John Solcomb & David Vienot
Thomas, George,BfarmerWindsor Road, Chester
Larder, Vicilla,SWindsor Road, Chester
1865 Aug 5Lic,.Chester.George Millett and Eliza Thomas
Thomas, John Pryor27,BcarpenterAnnapolisAnnapolisThomas, Joseph and Mary - carpenter
Millett, Ada23,SEast River, ChesterChesterMillett, George and Mary - farmer
1876 Jan 26Lic,.East River, Chester.C.A. Barry and David Whitford
Thomas, William31,BpainterHalifaxHalifaxThomas, Thomas and Hannah
Wagner, Ellen30,SBridgewaternot givenWagner, George and Catherine
1876 Oct 5Lic,.Bridgewater.W. James Boyle and Ida L. Whitford
Thompson, Charles William 27,BfarmerLaplandLaplandThompson, John and Lucy - farmer
Wile, Victoria Margaret 26,SLaplandBridgewaterWile, Andrew and Rachel - farmer
1880 Aug 7Lic,.Lapland.Wallace Thompson and Alena Houghn
Thompson, Edwin D22,BfarmerBridgewaterNorthfieldThompson, James Wm and Leah - farmer
Jodrey, Mary A18,SBridgewaterNorthfield Jodrey, Simeon and Mary - farmer
1882 Aug 28Lic,.Bridgewater. Mrs. L.E. Yount
Thompson, George E28,WcordwinerMilton, Queens CountyBlockhouseThompson, Zenas and Elenor - blacksmith
Parnell, Emma19,SMill Village, Queens CountyMill Village, Queens CountyParnell, Benjamin and Sophia - lumberman
1872 Sept 15Lic,.Bridgewater.Anna Elizabeth March and Elizabeth Keating
Thompson, George Elijah23,BshoemakerBlockhouseBlockhouseThompson, Zenas and Cleance - farmer
Naas, Augusta Eliz [Nass]18,SMahone Baynot givenNaas, Christian and Maria - farmer [Nass]
1866 July 14Lic,.Blockhouse.Stephen Shupe and Charles Thompson
Thompson, George Zenas27,WfarmerBlockhouseNorthfieldThompson, James - farmer
Naas, Ellen [Nass]19,SBlockhouseBlockhouse Naas, Peter Matthew - farmer [Nass]
1885 June 9Lic,.Blockhouse. Bertha Anderson and Emma Cossman
Thompson, James Reuben21,BfarmerNew CornwallNorthfieldThompson, James and Leah - farmer
Shankle, Lucretia Margaret22,SLower LaHaveLower LaHaveShankle, George and Catherine - mariner
1876 Oct 19Lic,.Mahone Bay.Sarah Isnor and Mrs. E. McNab
Thompson, John26,BfarmerWaterlooWaterlooThompson, John and Louisa - farmer
Robar, Oliva E20,SGreenfield, Queens CountyGreenfield, Queens CountyRobar, Edward and C - blacksmith
1872 July 12Lic,.Greenfield, Queens County.Robert W. Wile and Sarah E. Robart
Thompson, Lewis23,BfarmerWaterlooWaterlooThompson, John and Lucy - farmer
Wile, Bileam22,SWaterloonot givenWile, William and Catherine - farmer
1875 Jan 9Lic,.Bridgewater.Mrs Hunton and Miss S.R. Crysler
Thompson, Walace28,BfarmerLaplandLaplandThompson, John and Lucy - farmer
Zwicker, Lavinia E22,SCamperdownCamperdown Zwicker, Ed and Lavinia - farmer
1882 Oct 30Lic,.Bridgewater. Mrs. L.E. Yount
Thomson, James William38,WlumbermanUpper LaHaveIrelandThomson, John and Elizabeth - police sg't
Linlock, Sarah34,SUpper LaHaveDublinLinlock, Jacob and Sophia - mason
1877 Jan 28Lic,.Hubleys Island, Upper LaHave.M.C. Smith and Francis Langille
Thurlow, Arthur31,WmarinerMartins BrookFloranceThurlow, Joseph and Mariah - merchant
Smeltzer, Amelia27,SMartins Brooknot givenSmeltzer, Jacob and Emelia - farmer
1875 Dec 16Lic,.Martins Brook.Benjamin Smeltzer and Jonas Westhaver
Thurlow, Isaac [Therlow]26,BseamanLunenburgFlorenceThurlow, Joseph and Maria [Therlow]
Selig, Clara21,SLunenburgLunenburgSelig, Henry and Lucy - seaman
1872 Sept 24Lic,.Lunenburg.Fannie E. Selig and Sarah A. Colter
Tipert, Abraham24,BfarmerNew GermanyNorthfieldTipert, Michael and Mary - farmer
Feindel, Hannah [Feindal]20,FNew GermanyNew GermanyFeindel, Ephraim and Elizabeth - farmer [Feindal]
1874 July 11Lic,.Bridgewater.John Feindal and Georgina Feindal
Tobin, Charles Jane59,WgentlemanBridgewaterHalifaxTobin, Michael and Rebecca - merchant
Andrews, Martha Alice35,SBridgewaterBridgewater Andrews, William and Con**dena - merchant
1883 Oct 18Lic,.Chester. D.S. Sutherland
Tobin, James27,BfarmerDalhousieDalhousieTobin, William and Margaret - farmer
Mason, Angeline Elizabeth24,SMason's Islandnot given Mason, Benjamin and Eliza - farmer
1868 Dec 21Lic,.New Germany. David Crandall and Foster Findle
Tobin, James A,BfarmerBridgewater
McDonald, Mary Ann, S Bridgewater
1865 Dec 15Lic,.Bridgewater.Mrs. McMillan and Adelaide Hebb
Tobin, William64,WfarmerDalhousieIrelandTobin, Richard - farmer
Wagner, Eunice50,WNew Canadanot givenAllen, David - farmer
1872 Feb 21Lic,.Lunenburg.Louise Cossman and Emma Cossman
Todd, Nineam Lindsay 40,WgentlemanSt. Margaret's BaySt. Stephen's, N.B.Todd, Robert and Eliza - gentleman
Morash, Deborah 21,SNorth West Cove, BlandfordNorth West Cove, BlandfordMorash, Matthew and Susanna - farmer
1881 Jan 12Lic,.Bayswater.Amos Morash and Martha Morash
Townsend, George Albert [Townshend]27,BcooperLunenburgLunenburgTownsend, William and Eliza - cooper [Townshend]
Emeno, Alice Mary23,SLunenburgLunenburgEmeno, Benjamin and Sarah Jane - carpenter
1884 Jan 3Lic,.Lunenburg.William Townshend and Alexander Emeno
Townsend, John George27,BseamanLouisburg, Cape BretonLouisburg, Cape BretonTownsend, Henry and Sarah - seaman
Arenburg, Sarah38,WLunenburgLunenburg Boehner, George and Sarah - butcher
1886 Jan 13Lic,.Lunenburg. George Hibbert and Grace Boehner
Tretheway, Alexander25,BcarpenterNew GermanyNew GermanyTretheway, John and Margaret - farmer
Tretheway, Anne Maria20,SNew Germanynot givenTretheway, John and Ellen - farmer
1867 Oct 12Lic,.New Germany.James Stoddart & John Trethewey
Tretheway, Austin [Trethewey]24,BfarmerNew GermanyNew GermanyTretheway, John and Margaret
Trethewey, Catherine [Trethewey]33,WNew GermanyHeckmans IslandLohnes, Edward and Catherine - farmer
1880 Mar 30Lic,.Ritceys Cove.Annie M. Hockin and Adelaide Hirtle
Tretheway, John N [Trethewey],BcarpenterNew Germany
Lohnes, Catherine, S New Germany
1865 Dec 25Lic,.New Germany.Edward Lohnes and David Lohnes & others
Tretheway, John N [Trethewey],BmarinerRose Bay
Oxner, Elizabeth, S Lower LaHavenot given
1865 Jan 20Lic,.New Germany.Capt. Samuel Risser and Robert B. Johnson
Tretheway, William Andrew21,BfarmerNew GermanyNew GermanyTretheway, John and Margaret - farmer
Knock, Ada Permilla18,SRiversdaleLaHave Knock, William and Lucy - farmer
1871 Oct 18Lic,.Riversdale. ****** Tretheway & Eloise Adelaid Knock
Tristifer, Alfred24,BfishermanLaHave IslandsConquerall BankTristifer, William and Lucien - fisherman
Bush, Letitea23,SLaHave IslandsLaHave Islands Bush, Nicholas and Mary Ann - fisherman
1883 Jan 4Lic,.Dublin Shore. Albert Archibald Bush & William James Bush
Tuderman, William35,BmarinerFinlandFinlandTuderman, William and Mary - carpenter
Eisenhauer, Ancester [Eisenhaur]18,SBridgewaternot givenEisenhauer, Samuel and Caroline - rigger [Eisenhaur]
1874 Sept 22Lic,.Bridgewater.David Zwicker and Emma Hickson
Tufts, George29,BfarmerOhio, New GermanyNew GermanyTufts, Stephen and Louisa - farmer
Simpson, Rhoda Ann 19,SOhioOhioSimpson, William and Elizabeth - farmer
1879 Oct 15Lic,.Ohio, New Germany.Aaron Mailman and Joseph Simpson
Tufts, George23,BfarmerNew GermanyGermanyTufts, Stephen and Louisa - farmer
Simpson, Sarah Adlian Elizabeth16,SOhioNew Germany Simpson, William and Elizabeth - farmer
1871 Dec 14Lic,.New Germany. Elkanah Lohnes and Elizabeth Lohnes
Tufts, Major J34,BfarmerNew GermanyNew GermanyTufts, Stephen and Louisa - farmer
Langille, Minnie E22,SNew GermanyNew GermanyLangille, Jacob and Lucy - farmer
1876 May 20Lic,.Bridgewater.Mary Roberts and Jennie Roberts
Turner, Allen 24,BfarmerChelseaChelseaTurner, Algin and Mary Ann - farmer
Keddy, Edith [Kedy]18,SChelseaChelseaKeddy, Joshua and Esther - farmer [Kedy]
1881 Mar 24Lic,.Bridgewater.Martin Uhlman jr and Lucy Leary
Turner, David27,BfarmerNew RossNew RossTurner, George and Ann - farmer
Hiltz, Amanda Elizabeth18,SNew RossNew RossHiltz, Bartholemew and Harriett - farmer
1875 Oct 9Lic,.New Ross.A. J. Legge and Sarah Ann Hiltz
Turner, David Malcolm29,BfarmerBelleview, New RossLake Ramsey, New RossTurner, Samuel and Eunice - farmer
Roast, Mary Jane29,WBelleview, New RossBelleview, New Ross Windrow, GH and Annie - JP and Capt
1885 June 10,Ban.New Ross. Newton Turner and Cecila Hatt
Turner, James29,BfarmerChelseaNorthfield Turner, Algin and Mary - farmer
Rafuse, Cassie20,SChelseaChelseaRafuse, Jacob and Elizabeth - farmer
1878 Aug 25Lic,.Chelsea.Nathanael Uhlman and Mary E. Uhlman
Turner, James W40,WservantBridgewaterShelburneTurner, Wm and Elizabeth - farmer
Isenore, Susannah17,SLunenburg Isenore, Isaiah & Esther - farmer
1871 Dec 18Lic,.Petite Riviere. Louisa Spike
Turner, Robert31,WlumbermanNew RossNew RossTurner, Samuel and Eunice - farmer
Redden, Jane M18,SNew RossNew Ross Redden, John and Barbara - farmer
1886 July 2Lic,.New Ross. Minerva A. Archibald and Ada A. Redden
Turner, Robert Morton 26,Bfarmerback of lake, New RossNew RossTurner, Samuel and Eunice - farmer
Smith, Maud Etheridge 22,SGlen Garry, New RossHalifaxSmith, Timothy and Elizabeth - sea captain
1880 July 21Lic,.New Ross.Joseph R. Gates and Eliza A. Meister
Turner, William26,BlumbermanChelseaNorthfieldTurner, Algernon and Marianne - farmer
Wharton, Caroline A20,SChelseaChelseaWharton, Robert and Rachel - farmer
1872 Nov 26Lic,.Bridgewater.Annie E. March and Elizabeth Keating

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