Groom Name Age, Status Occupation Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Bride Name Age, Status Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Date of MarriageLocationWitnesses
Page, John27,BfishermanMount PleasantMount PleasantPage, James and Eliza - farmer
Conrad, Pamilla [Conrod ]18,SMount PleasantMount PleasantConrad, Caleb and Lydia Ann - farmer [Conrod ]
1881 Oct 3Lic,Petite RiviereCharles Johnson and J.P. Armstrong
Palmer, Howard23,BfishermanNew DublinNew DublinPalmer, William and Maria Wolfe - fisherman
Richard, Dorcas23,SNew DublinNew DublinRichard, Enos and Lavinia Wilkie - fisher
1882 Apr 15Lic,New DublinMrs. M.J. Johnston and Mary Brown
Palmer, James Hennigar 30,Bfarmer and carpenterWilmont, Annapolis CountyAlylesford, Kings CountyPalmer, Joseph and Caroline - farmer
Delong, Harriet Idella 20,SNew GermanyNew GermanyDelong, Abraham and Eliza - farmer
1879 Feb 19Lic,New GermanyGeorge W. Delong and Jennie Delong
Parker, Caleb30,BMethodist ministerHantsportWorchestshire, EnglandParker, Joseph and Martha - public engineer of works
Davison, Mary D26,SBridgewaternot givenDavison, Edward and Desiah - gentleman
1875 Sept 2Lic,BridgewaterC.H. Davison and E.D. Davison, jr
Parker, George A24,BtannerBridgewaterLunenburgParker, Obadiah - merchant
Anderson, Emma C23,SLunenburgnot given Anderson, Lewis and B - merchant
1871 Sept 13Lic, Lewis Anderson and Ob. Parker
Parker, George Albert 31,WclerkLunenburgBridgewaterParker, Obadiah and Sophia - tanner [?]
Young, Emma Francis 25,SLunenburgLunenburgYoung, Herbert and Sophia - shipbuilder
1879 Feb 26Lic,Mahone BayRhoda Silver and Watson ******
Parker, James73,WfarmerWilmontWilmont Parker, Timothy and Mary - farmer
Thomas, Barbara54,WLaHaveLaHave*****, George and Barbara - farmer
1877 Nov 24Lic,Lower LaHaveJames Creaser and James Seaboyer
Parker, Jas Melbourne28,BBaptist clergymanPort Williams, Annapolis CountyAylesfordParker, Rev Willard G & Lois N - clergyman
Morse, Jessie25,SBridgewaterBridgewaterMorse, Aaron and Seraphina - farmer
1867 June 5Lic,BridgewaterR.A. Newcomb & Emma Andrews
Parks, George Josiah28,BfishermanMiddle LaHaveMiddle LaHaveParks, George and Mary Ann - fisherman
Hilton, Margaret Harriet21,SMiddle LaHaveMiddle LaHaveHilton, Philip and Margaret - fisherman
1884 Jan 5Lic,LunenburgZachariah Moser and Elie Hilton
Parks, Gilbert23,BfishermanBroad CovePetite RiviereParks, Thomas and Ann - farmer
Reinhard, Mary Lavinia [Rynard ]21,SBroad CoveBroad CoveReinhard, George and Marry Ann - farmer [Rynard ]
1870 Mar 27Lic,Broad CoveReuben Heckman and Sarah Teasdale
Parks, Jabey29,BfarmerNorth West Bay, Queens CountyNorth West Bay, Queens CountyParks, Stephen and Lydia Ann - farmer
Horne, Martha A20,SWaterlooLapland Horne, Zenas and Delilah - farmer
1884 Dec 23Lic,Bridgewater E.P. Fletcher and Anna E. March
Parks, James I [Parke ]27,BfarmerMillbank Terrace, BridgewaterBanks of NFLDParks, James and Mary - soldier [Parke ]
Publicover, Letitia E25,SNew DublinNew Dublin Publicover, James and Mary E - fisherman
1886 May 15Lic,Millbank Terrace, Bridgewater John C. Potts and Hattie M. Parke
Parks, James W27,BseamanParks Creek, Middle LaHaveParks Creek, Middle LaHaveParks, James and Mary Ann - farmer
Wilkie, Lois M18,SWilkies Cove, LaHaveWilkies Cove, LaHave Wilkie, William and Elizabeth - farmer & seaman
1887 Feb 10Lic,Middle LaHave Milledge Parks and Cassie E. Parks
Parks, Lewis45,Wfarmer and fishermanMiddle LaHaveMiddle LaHaveParks, William and Lily - farmer & seaman
Wolfe, Keziah [Wolff ]45,WIronboundIronbound Oxner, John Michael and Anna Frederica - seaman & farmer [Wolff ]
1884 Nov 29Lic,Lower LaHave Lorenzo Parks and Mrs. J. Simpson
Parks, Lorenzo25,BfishermanParks CreekParks CreekParks, Peter & Elizabeth Ann - fisherman
Risser, Augusta22,SRose BayRose Bay Risser, Samuel and Augusta - merchant
1882 Mar 26Lic,Parks Creek Jacob Parks and Cassandra Parks
Parks, Robert Daniel25,BfishermanParks CreekParks CreekParks, Solomon and Eleaner - fisherman
Corkum, Margaret Letitia20,SMiddle LaHaveMiddle LaHave Corkum, Caleb G and Anna - sailor
1887 Jan 13Lic,Lunenburg Mrs G.L. Rankin and Miss M.E. Miller
Parks, William,BLower LaHave
Gerhard, Rosannah [Gerhart ],SLower LaHave not given
1865 Feb 2Lic,LaHaveMichael Gerhart and Peter Parks
Parnell, Solomon24,BlumbermanMill Village, Queens CountyMill Village, Queens CountyParnell, Daniel and Catherine - lumberman
Crossly, Zeruah24,SWest Dublinnot givenCrossly, William and Louisa - cordswainer
1874 Mar 30Lic,West DublinEli Publicover and Lucretia Sperry
Patriquin, Archie27,BfarmerTatamagouche, Colchester CountyTatamagouche, Colchester CountyPatriquin, George and Sarah - farmer
Jodrey, Charlotte A [Jodrie ]17,SMahone BayMahone BayJodrey, Casper and Sarah - farmer [Jodrie ]
1878 Jan 16Lic,Mahone BayCasper Jodrey and Sarah E. Jodrey
Paul, Alexander19,BIndianShubenacadieShubenacadiePaul Christy and Mary Bober - hunters
Penaule, Mary Ann - Indian22,SNew Rossnot givenPenaule, James and Mary Toney - hunters
1874 Aug 28BanNew RossEdward Boyle and Martina Penaule
Paul, Joseph18,BindianKentvilleHalifaxPaul, Jac and Mary - indian
Morris, Elizabeth23,SIndianKentville Morris, Alexr and Eliza - Indian
1871 June 1BanKentville James Driscoll - Mary Morris
Paul, Philip Holden19,Bbasket makerBridgewaterSouthPaul, Nichols and Mary Ann Labrador - basket maker
Glade, Clara32,SBridgewaternot givenGlade, Francis and Frances Peter - hunters & basket makers
1876 Feb 27BanBridgewaterMargaret S. Farrell; John Tobin; Mary Barss
Payzant, David [Payzanteson ],Bship carpenterChesterChesternot given
Veinot, Adelaide [Veno ],Mahone BayMahone Bay Veinot, James [Veno ]
1871 Dec 11Lic,Mahone Bay not listed
Payzant, John Baxter21,BfarmerBrookfield, Queens CountyCaledoniaPayzant, Benjamin and Margaret - farmer
Langille, Louisa Margaret28,WSpringfieldMason, Francis and Lucy Ann - farmer
1869 May 15Lic,Springfield, Annapolis CountyWilliam A. Mason & Francis P. Mason
Pearl, Benjamin [Perl ]26,BcarpenterTancook IslandTancookPearl, Walter and Nancy - fisherman [Perl ]
Cross, Louisa20,STancook Islandnot givenCross, John and Catherine - farmer
1876 Jan 18Lic,TancookAmos Z. Hubley and Stephen Cleveland
Pearl, Joseph23,BfishermanTancook IslandTancook IslandPearl, Walter and Ann - fisherman
Stevens, Hannah17,STancook Island not givenStevens, David and Marie - fisherman
1868 May 10Lic,ChesterJoseph Stevens & Louisa Vogler
Pearson, John Edwd 30,BteacherCornwallisKingston, Kings Co.Pearson, John E and Isabel - merchant
Deal, Martha Bell 28,SRose BayLunenburgDeal, John and Abigail - farmer
1881 May 3Lic,Mahone BayMaggie Legboult and C.A. Snyder
Peasley, Elijah24,BpainterLaHaveMass.not given
Hubley, Lucy A [Hoobley ]24,SLaHavenot givenHubley, Ben and Gament - famer [Hoobley ]
1866 July 2Lic,New GermanyCharles Whitecomb and Arthur Bartaux
Peck, William Andrew21,BjoinerMahone BayHalifaxPeck, Isaac and Catherine - courier
Hersey, Rachel Anna25,SMahone Baynot givenHersey, Jeremiah and Sarah - ship carpenter
1875 Jan 1Lic,Mahone BayAmbrose Eisenhaur and Rebecca Ernst
Peeler, Edward [Pealer ]28,Bseaman and farmerRose BayRose BayPeeler, Ephraim and Lavinia - farmer [Pealer ]
Mossman, Augusta28,SLower KingsburgLower KingsburgMossman, James and Catherine - farmer & fisher
1833 Dec 25Lic,Lower KingsburgJohn A. Kresor and Clara Mossman
Peeler, Josiah23,BfishermanRose BayRitceys CovePeeler, Ephraim and Lavinia - farmer
Lohnes, Rosnetta20,SRose BaySouth Lohnes, James and Lavinia - fisherman
1884 Dec 11Lic,Lunenburg Maggie Gardner and Josiah Peeler
Peeler, Zenas [Pealer ]24,BfishermanRose BayRose BayPeeler, Ephraim and Lavinia - farmer [Pealer ]
Moser, Mary Ann20,SKingsburgKingsburg Moser, Samuel and Sophia - farmer
1884 Mar 5Lic,Lower LaHave Josiah Peeler and Rosetta Lohnes
Pemberton, William29,BfarmerWindsorWindsorPemberton, John and Rachel - farmer
Corkum, Angelina25,SMarriotts Cove not givenCorkum, Peter and Dorothy - farmer
1868 Mar 25Lic,ChesterJames Hiltz and Rebecca Hiltz
Pembroke, Henry Bernard25,BseafaringHalden, HollandHalden, HollandPembroke, Henry and Hannah - labourer
Simms, Johanna [Sims ]20,SFox PointFox Point Simms, Timothy and Mary - shoemaker [Sims ]
1884 Nov 1Lic,Fox Point Timothy Sims and Jeromiah Dominey
Pennall, James33,BcooperSable River, Shelburne CountySable River, Shelburne CountyPennall, Francis and Mary - Roman Cath
Hammond, Selina [Hammon ]30,SBridgewaterBridgewaterHammond, Thomas and Eliza - Roman Catholic
1872 Oct 1BanBridgewaterCatherine Baily and Eva Stewart
Pennall, James (Indian) [Penell ]33,Wnomadic basket makerBridgewaterYarmouthPennall, Francis and Anne Cliney - hunter & basket maker [Penall ]
Hammond, Selina19,SBridgewaterBridgewaterHammond, Thomas and Isabell Fronc - farmer
1873 July 6BanBridgewaterFrancis Labrador and Mary Labrador and et al
Penny, George22,BfarmerBranchBranchPenny, James and Mary Ann - farmer
Wile, Lucinda21,SOhioLunenburg CountyWile, James and Mary Ann - farmer
1874 Dec 23Lic,BridgewaterAmanda B. Crouse and Rosaana Arnburg
Penny, James B24,BfarmerNorthfieldNorthfieldPenny, Jacob and Sarah - farmer
Fancy, Ellen M17,SNorthfieldNorthfieldFancy, Frank and Lucy Ann - farmer
1872 Mar 26Lic,BridgewaterLillie Eisenhaur and Louisa Bowers
Penny, John A26,BlumbermanMidville Midville Penny, James and Mary Ann - farmer
Emeno,Mary17,SMidville Midville Emeno, Nathaniel and Annetta - farmer
1887 Mar 31Lic,Bridgewater Anna E. March and Arthur W. March
Penny, Thomas22,BlumbermanBranch LaHaveBranch LaHavePenny, James and Mary Ann - farmer
Hubley, Adalaide17,SBridgewaternot givenHubley, Samuel and Elizabeth - lumberman
1873 Feb 18Lic,BridgewaterRoboam Crouse ans Rosina Garber
Pentz, Joseph 31,BfishermanPentz SettlementPentz SettlementPentz, Joseph and Elizabeth - farmer
Wilkie, Elizabeth21,SPentz SettlementPentz SettlementWilkie, David and Eliza - farmer
1881 Feb 26Lic,Petite RiviereDavid A. Wilkie and Charlotte Johnson
Pernette, Henry31,Bmaster marinerWest LaHave FerryLunenburgPernette, Wm and Catherine - carpenter
Oxner, Adah23,SLower LaHaveLower LaHave Oxner, Reuben and Susan - master mariner
1887 Feb 3Lic,Upper LaHave Hiram J.A. Oxner and Jennie Pernette
Perry, Nicholas29,BcooperLunenburgHarbour Grace, NFLDPerry, Joseph and Mary - ship carpenter
Holland, Mary S25,SLunenburgLiverpool Holland, Henry and Louisa - seaman
1887 Mar 10Lic,Lunenburg Lottie Johnson and Martha Feener
Pettit, John [Petite ]27,BfarmerHeckmans IslandHeckman's IslandPettit, John and Eliza - fisherman & farmer [Petite ]
Counteway, Jane [Contois ]19,SBlack RocksBlack RocksCounteway, Joseph and Lucy - fisherman [Contois ]
1873 Sept 13Lic,Falkland RoadJohn McGregor and Mrs. Duff
Pettit, Lemeul [Petit ]29,BmarinerLunenburgHeckmans IslandPettit, John and Eliza - blacksmith [Petit ]
Heisler, Laura25,SLunenburgLunenburg Heisler, Alexander and Lucy - calker
1884 Aug 23Lic,Lunenburg Robert Heisler and Isaac Gates
Phinney, Zaccheus,BBridgetown, Annapolis Countynot given
Parker, Lucy,SChesternot given
1877 Oct 4Lic,Chester [marr. Lic.& Bond - no reg. slip]George A. Parker and Joseph J. Parker
Pickles, George Allan30,BM.D.Mahone BayMills Village, Queens CountyPickles, Jacob and Deborah - merchant
Wolfe, Letita Ann [Wolf ]35,SMahone BayPetite RiviereWolfe, Nicholas and Christina - farmer [Wolf ]
1876 Jan 27Lic,BridgewaterAlice Pickles and Albert F. Zwicker
Pickles, WA,BMahone Bay
Ritcey, Emmeline [Ritcy ],SNictaux Fall, Annapolis County
1875 Dec 4Lic,marrige bondBaptist Church - Rev. R. Philips
Pictow, Alexander25,BIndian (blind)Gold RiverDigbyPictow, Jno and MA Goodes - Indians
Pearl, Catherine20,SGold Rivernot givenPaul, Nicholas & Mary Ann Labrador - Indians
1867 Nov 12BanChesterEmily Butler and Michael McLee
Porter, Bishop H30,BtraderBridgewaterKings CountyPorter, Benjamin and Wealthy - farmer
Morgan, Clara L22,SBridgewaternot givenMorgan, Hiramand and Liba - tinsmith
1876 Jan 12Lic,BridgewaterJ.S. Morgan and F. McInnis
Potts, John C23,BmerchantBridgewaterSt. Margaret's Bay, Halifax CountyPotts, Thomas and Eliza - farmer
Ward, Eunice D21,SChelseaChelseaWard, John and Sophia - farmer
1867 Nov 7Lic,CheseaThomas Ward & Annie Potts
Powers, Frank27,Blobster packerLunenburgHalifaxPowers, Peter and Elizabeth - merchant
Morash, Emma Sophia 25,SLunenburgLunenburgMorash, Charles and Sophia - merchant
1880 Dec 29Lic,LunenburgJas T. Powers and Anna E. March
Powers, Frank31,WtinsmithLunenburgHalifaxPowers, Peter and Elizabeth Thomson - baker
Silver, Ada L26,SLunenburgLunenburgSilver, Charles and Louisa Gerhardt - shoemaker
1885 Feb 11Lic,LunenburgAndrew C. Silver and Bertha L. Silver
Powers, James T28,BmerchantBridgewaterHalifaxPowers, Peter and Elizabeth - baker
Hebb, Annie M21,SBridgewaterBridgewaterHebb, Abram and Lavinia - farmer
1884 Jan 9Lic,BridgewaterA.M. Bigelow and Frank Powers
Powers, John [Power ]31,BcarpenterNew GermanyLaHavePowers, Edward and Eliza - farmer [Power ]
Turner, Rachael23,SNorthfieldnot givenTurner, William and Barbara - famer
1866 Aug 4Lic,Mahone BayWilliam Turner and Barbara Turner
Powers, John41,WfarmerNewberneFauxbourghPowers, Thomas and Eunice - blacksmith
Minnick, Lusinia Zipora [Mincik ]22,SPetite RivierePetite RivierMinnick, William and Mary - farmer [Mincik ]
1872 Jan 25Lic,Mahone BayJames Henry Eisenhaur and Eliza Jane Eisenhaur
Prescott, Thomas43,WfarmerPleasant River RdEnglandPrescott, Richard (mother not known) - ship carpenter
Fronk, Emma22,SBridgewaterBridgewaterFronk, George and Mary - farmer
1872 May 20Lic,BridgewaterAnna E. March and Elizabeth Keating
Prince, James Benjamin28,BfarmerRothsay, Kings Co.Rothsay, Kings Co.Prince, David and Elizabeth - farmer
Coffill, Annie30,WBridgewaterNewport, Hants Co. Nelson, William and Elizabeth - merchant
1884 Oct 9Lic,Bridgewater J.F. Nelson and Alex Nelson
Prince, Seth B32,Bhouse joinerSpringfield, Annapolis CountyLawrencetown, Annapolis CountyPrince, John and Henerietta - farmer
Herman, Elida [Hermon ]23,SBroad CoveBroad Cove Herman, Daniel and Matilda - cooper [Hermon ]
1882 Dec 2Lic,Broad Cove Robert Harman and Louisa Conrad
Privett, Henry21,bakerChesterEnglandPrivett, Jno and Ann - baker
Marriett, Anna17,SChester Marriett, D and Hannah - farmer
1871 Dec 28Lic,Chester George Zink & Lydia Marriett
Pryor, Edward Hodson32,BmerchantMahone BayHalifaxPryor, Edward and Eliza - merchant
Ham, Rebecca Almira25,SMahone Baynot givenHam, James and Sarah - policeman
1867 June 9Lic,Mahone BaySimon Kedy and Caroline Ham
Publicover James W25,BmarinerNew DublinNew DublinPublicover, Frederick and Sophia Schaffenburg - mariner
Wentzell, Letitia23,SNew DublinWest Dublin Wentzell, George and Sophia Baker - fisherman
1882 Feb 25Lic,New Dublin Mary Brown and Mrs. M.J. Johnston
Publicover, Albert25,BfishermanDublinDublinPublicover, Solomon and Sarah - fisherman
Wamback, Letitia24,SWest DublinWest Dublin Wamback, Daniel and Margaret - fisherman
1882 Nov 25Lic,Bridgewater Henry Publicover and Rosanna Publicover
Publicover, Archibald29,BfarmerBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, John F and Sarah - farmer
Stephens, Emmeline22,SBlandfordTancookStephens, James and Harriet - farmer
1878 Dec 24Lic,BlandfordEli Publicover and Adelaide Zink
Publicover, Artemas Augustine20,BgentlemanBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, Casper and Eliza - farmer
Publicover, Helena18,SBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, James and Louisa - farmer
1880 Dec 18Lic,BlandfordEli Publicover and Ada Zink
Publicover, Daniel21,BfishermanBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, Daniel and Elizabeth - fisherman
Cleveland, Harriet21,SBayswaterBayswater Cleveland, James and Caroline - fisherman
1886 Mar 31Lic,Bayswater James D. Cleveland and Caroline E. Cleveland
Publicover, David 39,Wmerchant and J.P.BlandfordBlandfordPublicover, John M and Elizabeth - farmer
Gates, Isabel 33,SBlandfordBlandfordGates, Jacob and Annie - farmer
1879 Feb 13Lic,BlandfordEnoch Zink and Lucy Gates
Publicover, Eldred26,BfishermanWest DublinWest DublinPublicover, John A and Elizabeth - farmer
Wentzell, Regina21,SWest Dublinnot givenWentzell, Benjamin and Abigail - farmer [Wentzel ]
1875 Dec 4Lic,West DublinSamuel Walker and Abbie Publicover
Publicover, Eleazer27,BfishermanLower DublinLower DublinPublicover, Frederick and Sophia - fisherman
Covey, Silphy20,SLower Dublinnot givenCovey, William and Margaret - fisherman
1876 Jan 2Lic,Lower DublinJohn Mulloch and Teresa Smith
Publicover, Eli29,BfishermanWest DublinWest DublinPublicover, John A and Elizabeth - farmer
Sperry, Lucretia28,SWest Dublinnot givenSperry, William and Eliza - farmer
1875 Oct 2Lic,West DublinJohn Sperry and Sarah Weigle
Publicover, Elkanah40,BcarpenterWest DublinWest DublinPublicover, Leonard and Rebecca - farmer
Dagley, Jane Sophia39,WPetite Rivierenot givenHarmon, Martin and Mary - farmer
1874 Feb 14Lic,Petite RiviereSamuel Harmon and Lavinia Harmon
Publicover, Frederick68,WfishermanBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, Frederick & Elizabeth - farmer & fisher
Harnish, Tressa26,SBlandfordBlandford Harnish, Isaac and Catharine - fisherman
1885 Oct 17Lic,Blandford Elias Publicover and Alfred Harnish
Publicover, Henry21,BfarmerIndian PathNew DublinPublicover, Solomon and Sarah - mariner
Koch, Rosannah22,SIndian PathIndian PathKoch, David and Ann - farmer
1873 June 7Lic,Indian PathPhilip Koch and Francis Koch
Publicover, Isaac37,WfarmerBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, John and Amelia - farmer
Shupe, Mary Catherine18,SWestern Shorenot givenShupe, Benjamin and Ann B - farmer
1866 Dec 23Lic,Western ShoreJoshua Teel and Benjamin Shupe
Publicover, James Elias 26,BfarmerBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, Henry and Elizabeth - farmer
Zinck, Minnie Matilda [Zink ]18,SBlandfordBlandfordZinck, James and Elizabeth - farmer [Zink ]
1880 Dec 25Lic,BlandfordGabriel Josiah Zink and Sophia A. Zink
Publicover, Jeffery Wm,BfishermanNew Dublinnot given
Zwicker, Ann Melinda,SNew Dublin not given
1865 Feb 25Lic,Lower DublinFrederick Publicover and Enos Publicover
Publicover, John David48,BfarmerBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, John and Amelia - farmer
Dares, Arabella [Darez ]28,WBayswaterSt. Margaret's BayJohnson, John and Maria - farmer
1877 Nov 24Lic,BlandfordAmos Johnson and Rosetta Boutilier
Publicover, Leander26,BseamanNew DublinNew DublinPublicover, Solomon and Catherine - fisherman and farmer
Bell, Amanda24,SNew Dublinnot givenBell, Peter and Eliza - mariner & farmer
1873 Mar 28Lic,New DublinJames Publicover and Martin Larkins
Publicover, Peter35,WfarmerPetite RiviereWest DublinPublicover, Jacob and Mary - farmer
Wentzell, Letitia [Wentzel ]26,SPetite RivierePetite Riviere Wentzell, John and Mary - farmer [Wentzel ]
1882 July 17Lic,Petite Riviere Mary Wentzel and William McPherson
Publicover, Peter28,BfarmerPetite RiviereNew DublinPublicover, Jacob and Mary A - farmer
Vogler, Annie30,SPetite Rivierenot givenVogler, Michael and Eliza - farmer
1875 Dec 26Lic,Petite RiviereStephen Vogler and Charlotte Sperry
Publicover, Peter37,BfarmerBlandfordBlandfordPublicover, John and Amelia - farmer
Fleet, Elizabeth32,SBlandfordBlandfordFleet Wm and Mary Ann - farmer
1872 Jan 25Lic,BlandfordLucy Ann Seaboyer and John B. Gates
Publicover, Simon Albert 24,BfishermanWest DublinWest DublinPublicover, John Joseph & Catherine B - fisher
Richard, Margaret Elizabeth 23,SFrelig SettlementFraeligs SettlementRichard, George and Catherine Ann - farmer
1879 Dec 14Lic,Fraeligs SettlementLucretia Covey and Albert Covey
Publicover, Solomon28,BfishermanLaHave IslandNew DublinPublicover, Jacob and Mary Ann - fisherman
Weagle, Sophia [Weigle ]21,SLaHave Islandnot givenWeagle, Henery - fisherman [Weigle ]
1866 Nov 22BanLaHaveWm F. Bell and Solomon Pulisor
Pulsifer, Anisley26,BfarmerWindsor RoadWindsor RoadPulsifer, David and Elizabeth - farmer
Rafuse, Ella25,SChester GrantChester GrantRafuse, Isaac and Frances - farmer
1873 Sept 10Lic,ChesterWilliam Pulsifer and Anna Pulsifer
Pulsifer, Freeman24,BfarmerMarriotts Cove, ChesterMarriotts Cove, ChesterPulsifer, William and Rachel - farmer
Dauphinee, Ruby Serena21,SMarriotts Cove, ChesterMarriotts Cove, Chester Dauphinee, James and Catharine - farmer
1883 Jan 20Lic,Chester Oscar Dauphinee and Priscilla Baker
Purcell, John37,WfishermanProspectProspectPurcell, Thomas and Johanna - fisherman
Mason, Sarah Ann26,SLunenburgLunenburgMason, Edward and Lucy - shoemaker
1873 Sept 20Lic,Mahone BayJames A. Hirtle and Kate E. Brown
Purcell, William65,Wwharf builderBridgewaterHalifaxPurcell, James and Ellen - E Church
Veinot, Clara Ann [Vienot ]53,WBridgewaternot givenMoss, Christoph and Mary - E Church
1872 Sept 7Lic,BridgewaterL.B. Wade and James Allenback

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