Groom Name Age, Status Occupation Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Bride Name Age, Status Resides Birth Place Parents & Occupation
Date of MarriageLocationWitnesses
Aalders, John Nelson [Alders]22,BfarmerAlderville, New RossAlderville, New RossAalders, Henry and Nancy - farmer [Alders]
Bezanson, Serena [Bezantson ]20,SNew Rossnot givenBezanson, , Elias - farmer & cooper [Bezantson ]
1867 Jan 17LicNew RossBenj. Bezantson and Elizabeth Alders
Aalders, Peter Otho7,BfarmerAaldersvilleAaldersvilleAalders, George Wm Alex'r & Mary - farmer
Robar, Charlotte Elizabeth20,SNew CornwallNew CornwallRobar, Nathanael and Eliza - farmer
1885 Feb 16BannsNew RossAdelaide Hatchard and Walter Scott Burgoyne
Aalders, Richmond23,BfarmerAaldersvilleAaldersvilleAalders, Henry and Johanna - farmer
Knock, Theresa19,SNew RossNew Ross Knock, Robt and Nancy
1871 Nov 28LicChester John Meisters and Lelwyn Shreve
Aalders, Richmond Henry38,WfarmerAaldersville, New RossAaldersville, New RossAalders, Henry and Nancy - JP
Adams, Sarah Ann28,SLake Harriston, New RossLake Harriston, New RossAdams, William and Mary - farmer
1885 July 27BannsNew RossWalter Burgoyne and Mary E. Burgoyne
Acker, Cornelius John25,BseamanSouthSouthAcker, John and Sophia - farmer
Knickle, Drusilla20,STanyardnot givenKnickle, Martin and Mary - farmer
1874 May 28LicSouthGeorge Conrad and Frederick Knickle
Acker, David35,BshoemakerOaklandOaklandAcker, Henry and E - farmer
Andrews, Caroline27,WOakland Ernst, Fredk and Ann - farmer
1871 Feb 11LicMahone Bay David Acker & C. Andrews
Acker, Elisha24,BfishermanPetite RiviereLunenburgAcker, Benjamin and Sophia - farmer
Winters, Ellen [Winter ]20,SPetite RivierePetite RiviereWinters, Stephen and Elizabeth - farmer [Winter ]
1877 Feb 8LicPetite RiviereLewis Sperry and Salome Sperry
Acker, Enos 23,BfishermanBroad CoveLunenburgAcker, Benjamin and Sophia - farmer
Winters, Lucretia [Winter ]22,SPetite RivierePetite RiviereWinters, Stephen and Elizabeth - fisherman [Winter ]
1880 Dec 11LicPetite RiviereWilliam Winters and Letitia Vogler
Acker, George30,BfarmerSecond PeninsulaSecond PeninsulaAcker, George and Mary - farmer
Young, Susan25,SMartins BrookMartins BrookYoung, Francis and Rosanne - wheelwright
1872 May 20LicMahone BayM. Snyder and A.F. Snyder
Acker, GeorgeBfarmerMahone Bay
Eisenhauer, Victoria [ Eisenhaur ], S Mahone Bay
1865 May 20LicFalkland Road, LunenburgAnna Duff and Sophy Morash
Acker, James21,BfarmerNew GermanyNew GermanyAcker, George and Sarah - farmer
Daniels, Amanda22,SNew GermanyNorthfield Daniels, Israel and Maria - farmer
1882 Feb 27BannsNew Germany Bessie Delong and Samuel Robar
Acker, James37,BfarmerMahone BayMahone BayAcker, Henry - farmer
Weinacht, Sophia [Wynatch ]25,SWeinacht, Joseph [Wynatch ]
1870 Dec 24LicMahone Bay
Acker, James 25,BfarmerMahone BayMahone BayAcker, Benjamin and Annie - farmer
Lavinia Smeltzer22,SLunenburgLunenburgSmeltzer, John and Sarah - farmer
1879 Jan 17LicMahone Bay
Acker, John Eli 21,BfishermanSouthCentre RangeAcker, John and Sophia - farmer
Himmelman, Sophia Emeline 22,SSouthSouthHimmelman, Joseph & Sophia - fishing & farmer
1879 May 3LicLunenburgSamuel Tanner and Anna Tanner
Acker, Jonas 22,BfishermanSouthSouthAcker, Benjamin and Sophia - fisherman
Nowe, [Nau ]21,SSouthSouthNowe, John and Mary - farmer [Nau ]
1881 Oct 1LicSouthSamuel Ya**** and Hannah Acker
Acker, Joseph23,BfarmerNew GermanyLunenburgAcker, Jacob and Sophia - farmer
Woodworth, Angeline21,SOhioOhio Woodworth, George David and Louisa - farmer
1868 Oct 8BannsOhio Geo. S. Woodworth & Susan J. Johnston
Acker, Thomas22,BfarmerNew GermanyNew GermanyAcker, Geo and Sarah - farmer
Sheridan, Elizabeth22,SNew GermanyNew Germany Sheridan, Mathew and Cusander - farmer
1871 Aug 30LicNew Germany Neslon Chesley and Eliza ******
Adams Henry28,BsailmakerLunenburgLunenburgAdams, Henry and Catherine - mariner
Dauphinee, Bessie [Dauphiney ]18,SLunenburgnot given Dauphinee, William and Elizabeth - tailor [Dauphiney ]
1868 Jan 26LicLunenburg
Adams, Clarence22,BlumbermanSummersideYarmouthAdams, Daniel and Mary - sea captain
Hirtle, Matilda19,SSummersideSummersideHirtle, Edmund and Julia - farmer
1881 Aug 19LicBridgewaterAlaster Adams and Sarah L. McCallum
Adams, Francis24,BfishermanWestern ShoreWestern ShoreAdams, Francis and Hannah - farmer
Sawler, Ellen [Sawlor ]21,SWestern ShoreWestern ShoreSawler, John and Sarah - farmer [Sawlor ]
1878 Nov 30LicChesterJoseph Sawlor and Maggie Sawlor
Adams, Francis51,WfishermanGold RiverSt. Margaret's BayAdams, George - fisherman
Hiltz, Catherine42,Wnot givenChesterMoser, Jacob
1870 Nov 16LicMahone Bay
Adams, Frederic22,BfarmerKentville Road, New RossNew RossAdams, Wm and Mary - farmer
Sweet, Margaret Elizabeth23,SAalderville, New RossAalderville, New Ross Sweet, Jas Benjamin and Letita - farmer
1882 Nov 15BannsNew Ross Jas Sweet and Sarah Ann Adams
Adams, Henry22,BfishermanWestern ShoreWestern ShoreAdams, Francis and Hannah - fisherman
Hiltz, Ann Lavenia21,SWestern Shorenot givenHiltz, John and Catherine - farmer
1874 Oct 10LicWestern ShoreArabella Fredrick and Mrs. James Mosher
Adams, John L 22,BfishermanNew DublinSt. John, N.B.Adams, John and Mary Locke - millwright
Lewellan, Jeanette [Llewellan ]17,SNew DublinNew DublinLlewellan, John and Permilla Schroeder - fisherman [Llewellan ]
1880 July 13LicNew DublinRichard L. Oxner and James Bell
Albrecht, John28,BseamanMahone BayHamburg, GermanyAlbrecht, Martin and Elizabeth - carpenter
Shaffenburg, Elizabeth Olivia 20,SMahone BayMahone BayShaffenburg, Lewis and Marjory - fisherman & seaman
1880 Sept 12LicMahone BayGeo. Slawenwhite and Daniel Greenlow
Allen, Ambrose23,Bfarmer & fishermanBlue RocksBlue RocksAllen, Samuel - farmer & fisherman
Miller, Hellen22,SBlue RocksBlue RocksMiller, Casper and Edwina - fisherman
1869 June 8LicFalkland Road, LunenburgChrist. Burns and Maggie Ross
Allen, Anthony [Allan]24,BfishermanConquerallIndian Harbour, Hal. Co.Covey, Christr Allan and Barbara - fisherman [Allan]
Lantz, Adelaide25,SConquerallConquerallLantz, John and Ann - farmer
1881 Sept 3BannsConquerall John Allan and Ada Lantz
Allen, Daniel47,WfishermanBlue RocksSouthAllen, Samuel and Mary Ellen - fisherman
Romkey, Mary Ann Catherine44,WBlue RocksBlack RocksTanner, Christian and Catherine - fisherman
1878 Dec 14LicLunenburgRobert Allen and Ellen Countaway
Allen, Edward29,BfarmerSouthSouthAllen, Edward - farmer
Eisenhauer, Louisa [Eisenhaur ]37,SSweetlandSouthEisenhauer, Nicholas - farmer [Eisenhaur ]
1874 Mar 14LicSweetlandJohn Hughes and Cassandra Eisenhaur
Allen, George48,WfarmerNicteaux, Annapolis CountyNicteaux, Annapolis CountyAllen, William and Jane - farmer
McGregor, Mary Elizabeth48,SPetite RivierePetite RiviereMcGregor, Caleb and Mary - farmer
1873 Sept 22LicPetite RiviereDaniel Risser and Thomas Rogers
Allen, James23,Bfarmer and seafaringSouth South Allen, Edward and Elizabeth - farmer
Corkum, Louisa20,SLaHavenot givenCorkum, Joseph and Mary - farmer
1875 Dec 18LicLunenburgJohn Allen and Isabell Duff
Allen, James30,BfarmerRum PointLunenburgAllen, Jacob and Amelia - farmer
Meisner, Susanna [Misner ]20,SSecond PeninsulaMeisner, William and Catharine - farmer [Misner ]
1869 Nov 27LicLunenburgJames J. McLachland Henry Shupe
Allen, John30,BfarmerBranchBranchAllen, David and Betsy - farmer
Crouse, Lucy Ann28,SBranchBranchCrouse, George and Mary Ann - farmer
1867 Nov 16LicBridgewaterElijah Welton and Julia Crouse
Allen, John28,BfarmerSouthSouthAllen, Edward and Mary E - farmer
Crouse, Ellen25,SBranchBranchCrouse, George and Mary Ann - farmer
1876 Nov 14LicBridgewaterMinnie Hebb and Sarah R. Crysler
Allen, John James30,WfishermanBlue RocksBlue RocksAllen, Daniel and Mary Sellers [?] - fisherman
Fridenburg, Bessie22,SBlue RocksBlue Rocks Fridenburg, George and Mary A Greek - fisherman
1884 Jan 1LicBlue Rocks Daniel Allen and Helen Miller
Allen, Robert21,BfishermanLunenburgBlue RocksAllen, Daniel and Christana - fisherman
Rafuse, Aramena17,SRose BayRose Bay Rafuse, John and Mary Ann - fisherman
1883 Mar 20LicRose Bay Ellen Allen and Mrs. Cook
Anderson, Arthur S27,BfishermanLunenburgLunenburgAnderson, Francis and Ellen - mechanic
Schnare, Minnie20,SNorth WestNorth West Schnare, Edmund and Louisa - farmer
1882 Sept 21LicNorth West Eli Heppe and James A. Loye
Anderson, Benjamin39,WmarinerLunenburgLunenburgAnderson, George and Sophia - farmer & fisherman
Morash, Sarah C28,SLunenburgnot givenMorash, George and Elizabeth - carpenter
1874 Feb 2LicLunenburgJames Eisenhaur and Charles Morash
Anderson, Benjamin31,BmarinerLunenburgLunenburgAnderson, George and Sophia E - farmer
Wager, Sarah21,SLunenburgLunenburgWager, Frederick and Sophia - mariner
1867 Jan 13LicLunenburgG.W.Hodgson and C.W. Anden
Anderson, Colin C32,BmerchantChester BasinChester BasinAnderson, Alexander and Susanna - cooper
Oxner, Annie Laura19,SChester BasinChester BasinOxner, Levi and Lucinda - merchant
1882 May 9LicChesterBennie Moland and Lizzie A. Weekes
Anderson, Francis24,BbutcherLunenburgLunenburgAnderson, Francis and Ellen - blacksmith
Young, Mary22,SLillydaleLillydale Young, Stephen and Sarah - farmer
1884 Dec 31LicLillydale Eli Happs and John Morash
Anderson, John32,BtraderLunenburgLunenburgAnderson, Geo - trader
Cossman, Bertha26,SLunenburgLunenburgCossman, Charles E - Lutheran minister
1878 Feb 13LicLunenburgOtto A. Cossman and John Anderson
Anderson, Montague23,BshoemakerChester BasinWindsor RoadAnderson, Alexander and Susan - cooper
Borgal, Abigail [Borgald ]22,SChester Basinnot givenBorgal, Nathan and Eliza - farmer [Borgald ]
1873 June 24LicChester BasinCharles E. Church and Maynard Borgald
Anderson, Reuben21,BfarmerChesterChesterAnderson, James and Mary Ann - blacksmith
Morgan, Sophie E24,SChesterChesterMorgan, Joseph and Sarah - mechanic
1873 Dec 3LicChesterJames Henry Morgan and Henry A. Hiltz
Anderson, William25,BfishermanLunenburgLunenburgAnderson, John and Sophia - blacksmith
McLachlan, Anna19,SLunenburgRitceys CoveMcLachlan, Benj and Annie - boat builder
1868 June 3LicLunenburgMichl Anderson & Solomon Morash
Anderson, WilliamBseamanMahone Baynot given
Ham, Sarah, S Mahone Bay not given
1865 Sept 12LicMahone BayJoseph Ham and wife & Fredk Ernst and wife
Andrews, Charles25,BblacksmithMahone BayMahone BayAndrews, John and Elizabeth - mechanic
Ernst, Ellen Rebecca [Earnst ]23,SBlockhousenot given Ernst, David and Caroline - farmer [Earnst ]
1868 Mar 28LicMahone Bay Abigail Andrews and Silas Dorey
Andrews, George60,WfarmerOaklandOaklandAndrews, George and Mary - farmer
Langille, Eliza Arabella47,WTancookBlandford Cleveland, Jas and Mary - farmer
1887 July 10LicMahone Bay William Andrews and Libblie Andrews
Andrews, Jacob55,WfarmerIndian PointMahone BayAndrews, Jacob and Mary Ann - farmer
Ernst, Ann Catherine38,SMahone BayMahone BayErnst, Fredk and Ann Catherine - farmer
1874 Mar 7LicMahone BayEzea Ernst and Catherine Kedy
Andrews, John Alexander 27,BfarmerIndian PointIndian PointAndrews, Daniel and Eliza - farmer
Ernst, Catherine Rachel 19,SIndian PointIndian PointErnst, George and Eliza - farmer
1880 Feb 26LicMahone BayFreeman Slaughenwhite & Agnes Slaughenwhite
Anthony, John27,BlumbermanMills VillageChesterAnthoney, Gabriel and Elizabeth - lumberman
Dauphinee, Louisa [Dauphiney ]22,SLunenburgLunenburgDauphinee, Francis and S - yeoman [Dauphiney ]
1867 Dec 21LicLunenburgChristian Burns & W. Dauphiney
Arenburg, Albert [Ahnberg ]26,BfarmerBranchBranchArenburg, Edward and Mary - farmer [Ahnberg ]
Fancy, Lavinia20,SPleasant River RdPleasant River RdFancy, John and Charlotte - farmer
1866 Nov 17LicBridgewaterDavid Vienot and Ada Armburg
Arenburg, Caleb24,BfarmerBranchNew CanadaArenburg, Edward and Mary Ann Crous - farmer
Wagner, Sophia19,SBranchBranchWagner, John & Mary Ann Falkenham - farmer
1878 July 6LicRiversdaleClara McGowan and Sabina Murray
Arenburg, Charles 22,BfarmerNew GermanyPleasant RiverArenburg, Charles and Abbie - farmer
Milberry, Mary [Milbery ]29,WNew GermanyNorthfieldLohnes, Jacob and Johanna - farmer
1880 Aug 15BannsNew GermanyJoshua Lohnes and Emma Lohnes
Arenburg, Charles Joseph [Arnberg ]19,BlumbermanNorthfieldNorthfieldArenburg, Mathias and Amanda - farmer [Arnberg]
Lowe, Sarah Elizabeth [Low ]17,SNew GermanyNew CornwallLowe, Gideon and Margaret - farmer [Low ]
1877 July 7BannsNew GermanyGideon Low and Esther Arnberg
Arenburg, David [Arnburg]36,BfarmerChesterChesterArenburg, John - seaman [Arnburg]
Zinck, Eliza Jane [Zink ]22,SChesterChester Zinck, James and Ann Eliza - farmer [Zink ]
1883 Nov 23LicMahone Bay J.E. Beckwith and Joseph Yoanny
Arenburg, George [Arnburg]36,BfarmerBuckfield, Queens CountyLaHaveArenburg, John and Regina - farmer [Arnburg]
Hebb, Josephine 24,SLaplandLaplandHebb, Joshua and Catharine - farmer
1880 Feb 7LicLaplandSamuel Wile and Louisa Wile
Arenburg, George ABmarinerLunenburg
Boehner, Sarah ,SLunenburg
1865 Apr 1LicLunenburg [marriage bond]Edward H. Owen and John Boehner
Arenburg, Henry28,BmarinerLunenburgLunenburgArenburg, George and Sarah - butcher
Smith, Rebecca22,SLunenburgLunenburgSmith, James and Susannah - carpenter
1873 Dec 13LicLunenburgJohn Anderson and Alexr Smith
Arenburg, James [Armburg]21,BfarmerNew CanadaNew CanadaArenburg, John and Catherine - farmer [Armburg]
Meisner, Margaret20,SNew CanadaBranchMeisner, Frederick and Regina - farmer
1870 Oct 25BannsBridgewaterEdward Wagner and Lucinda Knock
Arenburg, James36,BmarinerLunenburgLunenburgArenburg, William and Regina - yeoman
Boehner, Matilda40,WLunenburgMargarets Bay Crooks, William and Maria - fisherman
1882 Mar 9LicLunenburg Thomas Curll and Chas L. Dowling
Arenburg, James S [Arnberg]24,BlumbermanBridgewaterHebbs SettlementArenburg, Casper and Elizabeth - farmer [Arnberg]
Conrad, Clarissa [Conrod ]24,SBroad CoveBroad CoveConrad, Stephen and Eliza - fisherman [Conrod ]
1877 Aug 27LicBridgewaterGeorge A. Hebb and Minna Hebb
Arenburg, Nathaniel [Armburg]22,BfarmerBridgewaterNew GermanyArenburg, John and Catherine - farmer [Armburg]
Young, Caroline25,SRose BayRose BayYoung, Gasper and Catherine - farmer
1873 Feb 22LicBridgewaterR.S. McMillan and James Young
Arenburg, Robert [Armburg]37,BfarmerLaplandBuckfield, Queens CountyArenburg, John and Rachel - farmer [Armburg]
Haughn, Ellen [Haun ]26,SLaplandLapland Haughn, George and Augusta - farmer [Haun ]
1883 Aug 22LicBridgewater J.B. March and S. Edgar March
Arenburg, Stephen [Armburg]19,BfarmerNorthfieldNorthfieldArenburg, Matthew and Amanda - farmer [Armburg]
Barkhouse, Matilda17,SNew Germanynot givenBarkhouse, Alexander and Julia - farmer
1874 Sept 21LicBridgewaterAnna E. March and E. Keating
Arenburg, William31,BmarinerPetite RiviereLunenburgArenburg, William and Regina - shoemaker
Sperry, Mary Ann23,SPetite RivierePetite RiviereSperry, John C and Mary A - merchant
1876 June 8LicPetite RiviereJosie Sperry and Geo. E. Drew
Arenburg, William Aaron [Arnberg]28,ByeomanHebb Millsnot givenArenburg, Casper and Eliza - farmer [Arnberg]
Bolivar, Catherine Eliz22,SConquerallConquerallBolivar, John and Catherine - farmer
1877 June 25BannsBridgewaterEmma Arnberg and George Hebb
Arenburg, William Howard [Arnubrg]20,BfarmerNorthfieldNorthfieldArenburg, Matthew and Amanda - farmer [Arnubrg]
Lowe, Esther Ann [Low ]16,SNew GermanyNew CornwallLowe, Edwin and Margaret - farmer [Low ]
1879 June 18LicNew GermanyFoster W. Verge and Joseph Rowland
Arenburg, Wm Obed 26,BfarmerMidville BranchMidville BranchArenburg, Ed and Mary - farmer
Oikle, Louisa 24,SMidville BranchMidville BranchOikle, George and Louisa - farmer
1881 Dec 16LicBridgewaterZillah Wile and Mrs. L.E. Yount
Armstrong, David23,BfarmerLevy SettlementCanaanArmstrong, William and Maria - farmer
Levy, Louisa Selena [Levi ]17,SLevy Settlementnot givenLevy, Gersham and Elizabeth - farmer [Levi ]
1874 Aug 11LicChesterNathan Levi and Maria Levi
Armstrong, James20,BfarmerWindsor RoadCanaanArmstrong, George and Mary - farmer
Church, Sarah Abigail19,SWindsor Roadnot givenChurch, Charles and Louisa - farmer
1868 Oct 10LicWindsor RoadMary Freeman & Mary Skinner
Armstrong, Peras22,BfarmerWindsor RoadCanaanArmstrong, William and Maria - farmer
Brown, Sarah26,SNew Rossnot givenBrown, Moses and Hannah - farmer
1874 Dec 26LicChesterNathan Levy and Mary A. Skinner
Armstrong, Robert23,BfarmerWindsor RoadCanaanArmstrong, Geo and Mary - farmer
Fronk, Louisa [Fronck ]17,SWindsor RoadChesterFronk, Jno and Louisa - farmer [Fronck ]
1868 Nov 26LicWindsor Road, ChesterSarah Armstrong & Mary A, Skinner
Armstrong, Robert Gilbert32,BfarmerBaker's SettlementCaladonia, Queens CountyArmstrong, John and Margaret Forrest - farmer
Baker, Bridget19,SBaker's SettlementBaker's SettlementBaker, Isaiah and Levinia Bouliver - farmer
1878 Oct 14LicBakers SettlementLevinia Baker and Mary Catherine Baker
Artz, James EdwardBcarpenterBridgewaternot given
Fancy, Annah Matilda ,SPleasant Rivernot given
1864 Dec 24LicPleasant RiverSamuel Cushing, Philip Fancy sr, Philip Fancy jr
Atwater, Henry Wellesley27,Bclerk in Holy OrdersNew RossGuysboroAtwater, John & Sarah Amelia - master mariner
Prat, Elizabeth Mary30,SNew RossAnnapolisPrat, John and Amelia - farmer
1878 Nov 4LicNew RossCharles Prat and Minnie Prat
Aulenback, Benjamin31,BfarmerBlockhouseBlockhouseAulenback, Phillip - farmer
Smeltzer, Ellen23,SBlockhouseBlockhouseSmeltzer, David - farmer
1874 May 9LicMahone BayLouise Cossman and Emma Cossman
Aulenback, George [Aullenbach ]33,BfarmerBlockhouseBlockhouseAulenback, Philip and Annie - farmer [Aullenbach ]
Smeltzer, Rebecca21,SMahone Baynot givenSmeltzer, David and Lucy - farmer
1869 Dec 9BannsBridgewaterIsaac Nass and Sophia Aullenbach
Aulenback, Henry [Aullenbock ]18,BfarmerCampertownNorthfieldAulenback, George and Sarah - farmer [Aullenbock ]
Oikle, Mary Eliza [Oickle ]22,SConquerallConquerallOikle, David and Mary - farmer [Oickle ]
1869 Dec 26BannsCampertownJames Weagel and Solomon Oickel
Aulenback, James [Aulenbach ]20,BfarmerMaitlandMaitlandAulenback, Francis and Elizabeth - farmer [Aulenbach ]
Veinot, Sarah16,SMaitlandMaitland Veinot, Thomas and Sarah - farmer
1884 Nov 11LicMahone Bay C.A. Snyder and Maggie Layboult
Aulenback, James [Aulenbach ]39,WmasonBridgewaterWestavers PointAulenback, Geo and Sarah - farmer [Aulenbach ]
Hubley, Ada [Hubly ]23,SPleasantvillePleasantville Hubley, Benj and Sophia - farmer [Hubly ]
1885 Aug 30LicBridgewater Caroline Venot and Solomon Oicle
Aulenback, John [Aulenbach ]28,BfarmerConquerallBlockhouseAulenback, George and Sarah - farmer [Aulenbach ]
Hebb, Augusta23,SConquerallConquerallHebb, Benjamin and Mariah - farmer
1874 May 23LicBridgewaterKate Morrison and Stephen Hebb
Aulenback, Matthew [Aulenbach ]45,BfarmerFamervilleFarmervilleAulenback, Philipp - farmer [Aulenbach ]
Berringer, Annie [Beringer ]42,WLaHaveNorthfieldFalkenham, Joseph - farmer [Falkenheim ]
1885 Sept 17LicLunenburgJohn Frederic Ernst and Mrs. Adelaide Ernst
Aulenback, Matthew [Aulenbach ]28,BfarmerBlockhouseWesthaver's IslandAulenback, George (the late) - farmer [Aulenbach ]
Naas, Anna Mathilda80.5,SBlockhouseBlockhouseNaas, George - farmer
1869 Nov 14LicPhilipp Aulenbach and John Naas
Aulenback, Philip [Aullenbach ]32,BfarmerCornwall BlockhouseAulenback, Philip and Anna - farmer [Aullenbach ]
Hatt, Eleana22,SChesterChesterHatt, Stephen and Elizabeth - cooper
1872 Nov 2BannsNew CornwallJosiah Broom and Mrs. Josiah Broom
Awalt, Alfred27,BfarmerMahone BayMahone BayAwalt, Jacob and Sophia - farmer
Smeltzer, Louisa22,SMahone Baynot givenSmeltzer, John and Sarah
1870 June 4LicMahone BaySarah Dauphine
Awalt, Archibald Benjamin24,BfarmerWestern ShoreAspotogan CoveAwalt, John and Elizth - fisherman
Barkhouse, Mary Ann27,SWestern ShoreWestern ShoreBarkhouse, Benj and Elizth - fisherman
1878 Oct 6LicWestern ShoreVictoria Sawler and Benjamin Sawler
Awalt, Charles27,BfarmerBlandfordBlandfordAwalt, Charles and Charlotte - farmer
Dimmell, Alice [Dimell ]22,SBlandfordChester Dimmell, John and Barbara - farmer [Dimell ]
1882 Dec 24LicBayswater Elias Darez and Royal Awalt
Awalt, James23,BfarmerClearlandClearlandAwalt, Jacob and Sophia - farmer
Hirtle, Sophia20,SOaklandOakland Hirtle, Jacob and Sophia - farmer
1871 Apr 20LicOakland John E. Lantz & S.E. Zwicker
Awalt, James26,BfishermanTancook Sandy BeechesAwalt, John and Ann - fisherman
Pearl, Lavinia20,STancooknot givenPearl, Walter and Ann - fisherman
1866 Dec 26LicChesterJoseph Pearl and Mary A. Skinner
Awalt, Joseph49,WfarmerSandy Beeches, BlandfordLunenburgAwalt, George and Christine - farmer
Schnare, Mary Ann [Snare ]26,SEast ChesterEast ChesterSchnare, Thomas and Harriet - farmer [Snare ]
1866 June 16LicChesterAlbert Morash and Sarah Snair
Awalt, Kenneth21,BmechanicMahone BayMahone BayAwalt, Charles and Sophia - farmer
Keddy, Adelia [Kedy ]21,SMahone BayNew Germany Keddy, Archibald and Lucy A - farmer [Kedy ]
1886 Oct 30LicMahone Bay Sarah E. Lantz and Theresa Lantz

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