Lunenburg Architecture

Perhaps, Lunenburg's most distinctive architectural feature
can be found on many of the older houses -
the so-called "Lunenburg Bump".

Architecturally this is an enlarged dormer extended out over the eaves,
either five-sided or rectangular.
Most are situated in the centre of the front fašade over the entrance,
which may be in an attached storm porch.
Decorative elements include complex dormer roofs (from bellcast to triple-tiered varieties),
bracketry, panelling and fretwork, gablets on the dormers, cornices and window ornamentation.

This house has a single "bump."

Lunenburg Bump

This house has a major bump plus two minor ones.

Lunenburg Bump

This one has three bumps.

You have probably noted that the houses are brightly coloured.

Lunenburg Bump

Some of the houses are of "Geeorgian" style.

Lunenburg House

This picture shows the proximity of the Lutheran church
(original built in 1772) and
the Lennox Inn (built 1792?).

Andreas JUNG had a hand in the construction of both buildings.

Lunenburg Churches

This is the picturesque St. John's Anglican Church, original built in 1753.

This structure was almost completely destroyed by fire, Halloween 2002
and completely rebuilt.

Lunenburg Churches

The first church on this site was the Dutch Reform Church (built in 1761)
and later became the Presbyterian Church.

Note the house next door with a "Bump".

Lunenburg Churches

The Methodist church was first built in 1831 nearby
and destroyed by fire in 1885.

This replacement was built shortly thereafter and became Central United Church in 1925.

It featured in my family; my parents were married here
and it is where I was baptised.

Lunenburg Churches

This is the Lunenburg Academy, built as a school in 1895.
Both my parents were educated here.

It in now a school for the lower grades.

It also was the main venue for the Grand Family Reunion in 2003.

Lunenburg Churches

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