December 26-7, 1753

Acker - Guigne

This is a listing of those present for the muster into potential militia Divisions. These Divisions corresponded to their Town Lot Division drawn earlier.

This Table is in four sections as follows:

  • Standardized FAMILY NAME spelling that is used elsewhere in this web site and my best guess. Where I am uncertain, I've added a ? mark. In some cases, the name is new to me and is marked with a *.
  • FULL NAME (and other information) as found on the documents consulted.
  • ALTERNATE spelling. Some names appeared more than once and with different spellings. Such names have been consolidated into one entry here.
  • DIVISION NAME (one of six)

    All this data was kindly transcribed by Lorrie YOUNG of Lower Sackville, NS from lists compiled by Dr Winthrop Bell and held at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax.

    Names A-G | H-P | R-Z

    ? Pieter . Moreau Div
    ? Valentyn art Gale 1752 . Rudolf Div
    ACKER Adam Accker . Steinfort Div
    ALLEMAND 12 Frank Allemande . Zouberbuhler Div
    ANDREAS Jacob Andreas . Rudolf
    ANSELME Jean Anselme . Steinfort Div
    ARENBURG 14 Frederick Arenburg . Zouberbuhler Div
    ARMIER Louis Armtez (Officer) ARMIEZ Steinfort Div
    ARTZ 10 Peter Artz . Zouberbuhler Div
    ATKINS James Adkins . Steinfort Div
    BAARGELD Johannes Bargeld . Steinfort Div
    BACH George Bach . Steinfort Div
    BACHLEY Matthias Bachley Pearl 1751 BACHKE Rudolf Div
    BACHMAN 36 Baptiste Backman . Zouberbuhler Div
    BADER Adam Bader . Creighton Div
    BAILLY Frederick Bailey BAILLEY Strassburger Div
    BAILLY George Bailift . Strassburger Div
    BALTZER Johan Balzer . Creighton Div
    BANVARD 51 David Banard . Zouberbuhler Div
    BANVARD Pierre Banvard . Steinfort Div
    BARBEY Rudolflph Barkbay . Moreau Div
    BARTLING Frederick Bartling . Strassburger Div
    BARTLING Wilpheim Bartling . Strassburger Div
    BAUER 9 Johan Bower . Zouberbuhler Div
    BAUER Jacob Bauer . Steinfort Div
    BAUHOFFER Johan Bochoffer . Creighton Div
    BECK George Beck . Steinfort Div
    BECK Michael Beck Pearl 1751 . Rudolf Div
    BECKER Henry Bekker Speedwell 1751 . Rudolf Div
    BECKER Johannes Bekker . Steinfort Div
    BECKER Rudolflph Baker . Moreau Div
    BEGIN Jagne Begin . Moreau Div
    BELL Johan Bell . Creighton Div
    BELOUD? Louis Celoud . Creighton Div
    BERGER Jacob Berger BURGER Moreau Div
    BERGER Phillip Berger . Moreau Div
    BERGHAUS Nichotaus Berghaus Sally 1752 BERHAUS Rudolf Div
    BERRINGER Rudolflph Berringer . Strassburger Div
    BESANSON George Bezanson . Creighton Div
    BICKRICH Ludwig Biggenich . Steinfort Div
    BIELER George Beeler . Creighton Div
    BIELER Nickoiaus Belier (Deserter) . Strassburger Div
    BIGUENET Jacque Bigenary BIGNERET Strassburger Div
    BIQUENET? Jacque Biget . Moreau Div
    BIZETTE Jean Jacque Bizeur Betty 1752 BISSETTE Rudolf Div
    BLEISTEINER Bleinsteiner (Soldier) BLEISTEIN Zouberbuhler Div
    BOLLEVER George Bollivar . Moreau Div
    BOMGARED Gerhard Bomgared . Moreau Div
    BOND* Adam Bond (Soldier) . Zouberbuhler Div
    BONN/BORN? Merkin Bonn . Moreau Div
    BONNET* 55 Jacque Bonnet . Zouberbuhler Div
    BORN Martin Burn . Moreau Div
    BOULBACK Heinrich Bolback . Moreau Div
    BOULLION Conrad Boulion Gale 1752 . Strassburger Div
    BOULLION Conrad Boullon . Steinfort Div
    BOURGOGNE 48 Marque Bourgoyne . Zouberbuhler Div
    BOUTEILLIER George BouteIlier . Strassburger Div
    BOUTEILLIER George Boutellier . Strassburger Div
    BOUTEILLIER George Boutellier . Steinfort Div
    BOUTEILLIER George Boutellier . Strassburger Div
    BOUTEILLIER George Boutillier . Strassburger Div
    BOUTEILLIER Jacque Bouautiler Sally 1752 . Rudolf Div
    BOUTEILLIER Jacque Boutellier . Strassburger Div
    BOUTEILLIER Jean Boutillier . Steinfort Div
    BOUTEILLIER Johan Nickolaus Boutellier . Strassburger Div
    BOUTEILLIER Nickoiaus Boutellier . Strassburger Div
    BOUTEILLIER? George Boutillon . Steinfort Div
    BOUTEILLIER? Jacque Bowtallin . Strassburger Div
    BOVET 55 Jean Jacque Bovay . Zouberbuhler Div
    BOVET Jacque Bouvert . Rudolf
    BOWHEYSER* Christopher Bowheyser . Strassburger Div
    BRAND Jacob Brant Murdock 1751 . Rudolf Div
    BREYER Michael Breyer . Steinfort Div
    BRUCKBAUER George Brickbower . Steinfort Div
    BRUHM Melchoir Brohn . Creighton Div
    BRUHM Phillip Brem Betty 1752 BRUME Rudolf Div
    BRUIN Jean Bruin . Steinfort Div
    CALAME Abraham Caiame . Strassburger Div
    CALAME Jacque Calame . Strassburger Div
    CELL Johannes Sell . Creighton Div
    CHERRET 54 Jacque Cherret . Zouberbuhler Div
    CHRIST* George Christ . Strassburger Div
    CLAASEN 3 Heinrick Klaeson KLAESON, KLADEKIN Zouberbuhler Div
    CLATTENBERGER Pieter CIattenburger . Strassburger Div
    CLAUSNER 30 Michael Clousner . Zouberbuhler Div
    CLEESATTEL Christopher Cleasddle . Strassburger Div
    CLEM Chistopher Clem . Rudolf Div
    CLEMAN* Christain Cleman . Rudolf
    CONRAD Jacob Conrad . Zouberbuhler Div
    CONRAD Lorentz Conrad . Strassburger Div
    CONRAD Nickolaus Conrad . Zouberbuhler Div
    CONTOIS Joseph Contios Pearl 1751 . Rudolf Div
    COOK Anton Koch . Moreau Div
    COOK Franc Cook . Steinfort Div
    COOK George Cook . Creighton Div
    COOK Heinrick Koch . Moreau Div
    COOK Johan Cook . Steinfort Div
    CORKUM 49 William Gorhum . Zouberbuhler Div
    CORKUM Barin Gorkum . Creighton Div
    COULON 34 Pierre Coulang . Zouberbuhler Div
    CREASER Conrad Grieser GREUGER Strassburger Div
    CROFT 7 Jacob Croft . Zouberbuhler Div
    CROUSE Jacob Kraus . Rudolf
    CURRIER 39 Jacque Currier . Zouberbuhler Div
    DAHN/HAHN 21 George Dahn . Zouberbuhler Div
    DAREE Nickolaus Daree Betty 1752 . Rudolf Div
    DAUPHINEE Jean Duphine . Moreau Div
    DAVID? Luis Davy . Steinfort Div
    DEAL Amos Thiei Ann 1750 Asmus Rudolf Div
    DEAL Conrad Thiel . Creighton Div
    DEAL Jacob Thiel . Strassburger Div
    DEAL Johann Thiel Pearl 1752 . Rudolf Div
    DELADERAY Luis Deladeryay . Rudolf Div
    DEMETT Pierre Demet (Officer) DUMEK Moreau Div
    DEMONE Franc Joseph Timon . Strassburger Div
    DEREST* Pierre Derest . Moreau Div
    DEUBERT Johannes Diebert . Steinfort Div
    DIEDERICH Casper Diederich . Moreau Div
    DIEDERICH George Diederich (Soldier) . Moreau Div
    DIETHOFF George Theoff SHETHOFF Steinfort Div
    DIRPLE*/TORPEL? Carl Dirple . Strassburger Div
    DONIG George Doing . Rudolf Div
    DONZEL George Donsell . Steinfort Div
    DORSALL* Pierre Dorsall . Creighton Div
    DORSTER Amos Dorster Gale 1752 . Rudolf Div
    DREXLER Henry Drexler . Rudolf Div
    DREXLER Henry Drexler . Creighton Div
    DUPONT Pierre Dupont . Steinfort Div
    DUPURFFER* Johan Du Purffer . Moreau Div
    DURAND Jean Durant . Strassburger Div
    DUVOISIN Henry Du F Voisyen . Moreau Div
    EDMUND Conrad Edmund Pearl 1752 . Strassburger Div
    EGLEY? Christopher Eighler . Creighton Div
    EISENHAUER Adam Eisenhauer . Strassburger Div
    EISENHAUER Johan Isenhauer . Strassburger Div
    EMONEAU Fred Emmeneau . Steinfort Div
    ENGEL Hans Engells . Creighton Div
    ERAD Burhard Erah . Moreau Div
    ERNST Ernst . Strassburger Div
    ERNST Christain Ernst . Rudolf Div
    ERNST Heinrick Ernst . Strassburger Div
    EWALT George Ewalt . Zouberbuhler Div
    EWALT George Ewalt Murdock 1751 . Rudolf Div
    FALKENHAIN Carl Falkenheim . Steinfort Div
    FEDER George Fedder . Strassburger Div
    FEDER Heinrick Feder . Creighton Div
    FEENER Matthias Finner Gale 1751 . Rudolf Div
    FEGEITH* Carl Fegeith . Strassburger Div
    FEHR Christain Fear . Steinfort Div
    FEINDEL 23 George Fiendel . Zouberbuhler Div
    FELCHER Andreas Felcher Murdock 1751 . Rudolf Div
    FELCHER Nickolaus Felcher FELSHER Zouberbuhler Div
    FELIX Issac Felix . Zouberbuhler Div
    FENEAU Fred Fenneau . Moreau Div
    FEVRE Jean Pierre Feure . Steinfort Div
    FINCK Christain Finke . Strassburger Div
    FISEL* Johan Fisel . Rudolf
    FLECK Adam Fleck . Moreau Div
    FOGELER Johan Fogeler Sally 1752 . Rudolf Div
    FOGELER Rudolflph Fogeler . Moreau Div
    FOGELY Johan Fogely . Moreau Div
    FOLGER George Folger . Moreau Div
    FORSTER Johan Forster FOSTER Moreau Div
    FOSELER Conrad Fostler . Creighton Div
    FOSELLE* Jacob Foselle . Steinfort Div
    FREDERICK Johan Frederick FREDERICKS Steinfort Div
    FREUDENBURG Friedenburg (Soldier) . Zouberbuhler Div
    FRIZZEL* Johan Frizzel Pearl 1752 . Rudolf Div
    FROELIG George Frgelor . Moreau Div
    FROELIG John Frgelor . Moreau Div
    FRUSOH* Jacob Frusoh . Steinfort Div
    GAETZ Martin Kottz KOHZ Zouberbuhler Div
    GARRET* 54 Jacque Garret . Zouberbuhler Div
    GAUER Matthias Gauer Speedwell 1751 . Strassburger Div
    GAULER* Simon Gauler GAYER Strassburger Div
    GEBHARD Baltzer Gephard GEBART Moreau Div
    GENREED* George Genreed . Zouberbuhler Div
    GERHARD Johannes Gerhard . Strassburger Div
    GERTZEN Selle Gerretson . Creighton Div
    GLASSEN Nickolaus Glasan GLASHEN Steinfort Div
    GODHARD? Christain Godhart . Steinfort Div
    GODHARD? Christopher Goshard . Steinfort Div
    GOURDON Louis Goudran GORDIN Strassburger Div
    GRAFF 17 Conrad Graff . Zouberbuhler Div
    GRAFF George Graf . Creighton Div
    GRETEAU Jean George Gretteau Sally 1752 . Rudolf Div
    GRIMMERICH Christopher Grimmeruch Gale 1751 . Rudolf Div
    GROSS Conrad Gross ( Officer ) . Zouberbuhler Div
    GROSS Conrad Gross Betty 1752 . Strassburger Div
    GROSSRENAUD Jacque Groueneau . Moreau Div
    GROSSRENAUD Jacque Jean Grouenaud . Moreau Div
    GUIGNE Guiuiane Guince . Creighton Div

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