September 8-15, 1758

In the early years of the Lunenburg, the natives were definitely hostile and attacked and killed some of the settlers, especially those on their 30 acre lots.

The attacks became so serious that the Militia was convened in Lunenburg and went out looking for the natives. The patrol consisted of one Regular Officer and 23 of his regular troops, and 80 Militia men, Capt Christopher Jessen commanding.

In his book "History of the County of Lunenburg" (p 50-1), MB DesBrisay gives a journal account of the week's patrol. Natives were never encountered although some encampments were discovered. Most of the daily entries concluded "Nothing extraordinary".

A peace with the natives was achieved in early 1760 and the threat of further attacks removed.

The following Table is an alphabetical listing of those on this Militia patrol.

This Table is in two sections as follows:

  • Standardized FAMILY NAME spelling that is used elsewhere in this web site and my best guess. In some cases, the name is new to me and is marked with a *.
  • FULL NAME as found on the documents consulted and the man's Rank.

    All this data was kindly transcribed by Lorrie YOUNG of Lower Sackville, NS from lists compiled by Dr Winthrop Bell and held at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax.

    ? Johan PeWr O~ib~irt (Pvt)
    ARENBURG Frederick Arent~irg (Pvt)
    BAUHOFFER Johan Banhofi~ (Pvt)
    BECK Michael Beck (Pvt)
    BELOUD Louis Beland (Corp)
    BISET George Bissette (Pvt)
    BOLLIVER George Bolliver (Pvt)
    BOUTEILLIER George Boutillier (Pvt)
    BOUTEILLIER Jacque Bou~ellier (Pvt)
    BOUTEILLIER Jean Boutellier (Pvt)
    CALAME Jacque Calame (Pvt)
    CONRAD Nicholaus Conrad (Pvt)
    CORKUM Wilpheim Gorkum (Pvt)
    DEAL Jacob ThieI (Pvt)
    DEGLIN Charles Digelein (Pvt)
    DONIG Johan Doing (1st Lt)
    DONZELL George Donzell (Pvt)
    DREXLER Heinrick Dexler (Corp)
    DRILLOT Casper Drillus (Pvt)
    EMONEAU Frederick Em~eneau (Pvt)
    ERNST Heinrick Erns~~ (Pvt)
    FEDER Heinrick Feder (1st Lt)
    FINCK Christain Finke (Pvt)
    FIENER Matthias Finn~r (Pvt)
    FLECK Adam Fleck (Pvt)
    HAAS Johan Peter Haas (Pvt)
    HAAS Simon Haas (Pvt)
    HADRAN* Peter Hadran (Pvt)
    HAIL* Johannes Hail (Pvt)
    HAPPOLD Gotlieb Happold (Pvt)
    HARTLING Johan Peter Hartling (Pvt)
    HEYBURGER Jacob Heyburger (1st Sgt)
    HILTZ Daniel Hiltz (Corp)
    HINCKEL Frederick Hinckell (Pvt)
    HIRTLING Leonard H~itling (Pvt)
    HUBLEY Ulrick Hubley (Pvt)
    JAMMER? Georgejanner (Pvt)
    JESSEN Capt. Christopher Jefron (Capt)
    JOLLIMORE Pierre Jolinmay (Pvt)
    KAYSER George Keyser (Pvt)
    KUHN G.l. Kuhn (1st Lt)
    LANGILLE Jacque Langille (Pvt)
    LEARY Casper Lary (Pvt)
    LESSLEY Marcus Lesly (Pvt)
    LOFT lssac Loft (Pvt)
    LOHT lssac Loht (Pvt)
    MADER Ulrick Meider (Pvt)
    MAILLARD Pierre Mailliard (Pvt)
    MAUSER Albrech Mauser (Pvt)
    MEIR* Christain Meir (Pvt)
    MEISNER Casper Meisner (1st Sgt)
    METZLER Christain Metzler (Pvt)
    MILLER Paul Muller (Corp)
    MORASH Mickael Morasch (Pvt)
    MOSER JacobMoser (Pvt)
    MULLER Abraham Muller (Pvt)
    OXNER Heinrick Onxer (Pvt)
    OXNER? Crar~r Oxrter (Pvt)
    PHAFFHAUSER Jacob PhàTfhrauser (Pvt)
    PUBLICOVER Peter Bóbickhaffer (Pvt)
    RAFUSE Johan Rehfus (1st Sgt)
    RAHN Lorentz Rahn (Corp)
    RAMICHEN Conrad Ramichen (Pvt)
    ROTTENGER Frederick Rot~an~ (Pvt)
    RUND Adam Rund (Corp)
    SCHNEAR Mich~ét-Schnear (Pvt)
    SHUPLY Heinrich Schubley (1st Lt)
    SIMON Johan Simon (1st Sgt)
    SMITH Casper Srpith (1st Sgt)
    SMITH George Michael Smith (Corp)
    SMITH Johan Peter Smith (Pvt)
    SMITH Nickolaus Smith (Pvt)
    SMITH Rudolph Smith (Pvt)
    SPINDLER Rudolph Spindler (Pvt)
    STAHL Andreas Stahl (Pvt)
    TENSION* Samuel Tension (Pvt)
    TETTERAY George Talteray (Pvt)
    TRIPPOS Johan Tripps (Corp)
    VALET Pierre Valdtte (1st Sgt)
    WILD Berhard Wild (Pvt)
    YOUNG Andreas Jung (Pvt)
    ZINCK Johan Zinck (Pvt)

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