The following table illustrates how the data is set out and what some of the codes mean.

1. ADAMSHenry 1895-109-155CLEVELANDMary
2. BACKMANCharles BANCHMAN1891-121-092 McINNISIda
3. BURGOYNEReuben F 1881-211-204 OIKLEAmanda EIKLE
4. CORKUMSimeon CORCUM1869-020/129-039PENTZElenor MPENTY
5. CHURCHAlexander M1866-012-019F2-140EVANSSarah
6. CHURCHAlexander 1878-143-154F2-140FADERFlorence
7. DEAL John D 1894-165-142
8. DEAL John 1866-178-017 R DALTON Cassandra Ann
9. CURLLSimeon CURLNR1873-030-077R

1. ADAMS The first line illustrates a typical entry. The Groom and Bride’s names appear (or Bride and then Groom). In between them is the Marriage Registration Index citation. In this case, the marriage was registered in 1895, this is the 109th registration of the year, and the registration appears on page 155 of the Registry.

2. BACKMAN This groom’s name appears as BANCHMAN in the Index, but here is spelled BACKMAN for sorting purposes. However, to fulfill the maximum that one should record names (and other information) as found, the actual spelling is noted (if different) and will appear in ITALICS. Thus, for example, VEINOT will be used for the entries VEINO, VEINOT, VENOT, VENIOT, VIENOT.

For a summary of all the alternative FAMILY NAME spellings used and found in the master Index CLICK HERE.

3. BURGOYNE In this example, the bride’s name has two spellings ("standard" and actual in the Index).

4. CORKUM In this example, both the bride’s and groom’s name have two spellings. In some instances, the marriage is registered more than once: 1869-020/129-039 means 1869-020-039 and 1869-129-039.

5. CHURCH Some of the couples who were married between 1864 and 1881 were still living at the time of the 1881 Census. Alexander M and members of his family’s name(s) appear in the 1881 Census and were recorded in Census District F, sub district 2 and as Family 140 (F2-140). If the marriage was between 1864 and 1881 and there is no Census citation, this could mean the couple had died, had moved out of Luneburg County, or were missed in the Census.

6. CHURCH The name Alexander appears again. Is this the same fellow? Yes, because he has the same Census citation. This means that his first wife likely died between 1866 and 1878 he married an additional time.

7. DEAL There are cases where only the groom’s OR the bride’s name appeared in the Index.

8. DEAL This is another example. However in this case, the Full Registry (R) was available for viewing and the name was inserted here from that source. Only Registry data (thanks to Lynda Andrew) for 1864-1887 was available to me for searching

9. CURLL In this final example, the bride’s name was missing in the Index. Furthermore, the groom’s name did not appear in the Full Registry (NR) and thus the bride’s name could not be located.

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