There is an Index of all marriages registered in Lunenburg Co for the period 1864-1908. The original is held at the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management in Halifax.

The Index is organized
- alphabetically by the first letter of the Family name, then
- chronologically by year, and finally
- alphabetically by family name.

All told, the Index covers about 9,000 marriages and 18,000 individuals.

Ron Zinck has placed facsimile copies of the Index on one of his web sites for A-E, F-L, M-R, and S-Z.

Let us say you wanted to find marriage information for Israel Young (one of my great grandfathers) and that is all you know.

You would go to the Y section and then beginning in 1864 start looking for Israel Young. You would continue year by year until you found his name (which happens to be 1874 ).

For Israel, all that the Index provides is 1874-124-099.
- 1874 : the year that the marriage was registered with the province. This is typically the year of the marriage, however, marriages performed late in one year may not have been registered until the next year.
- 124 : this is the 124th marriage recorded in Lunenburg County that year.
- 099 : this is the page number in the Marriage Registry book.

To find his spouse’s name, you would have to look at the 1874 records for each letter of the alphabet until you find 1874-124-099 . This would be Joanna Meisener.

Clearly this a cumbersome process.

To make things simpler, the purpose of this web site is to provide an alphabetical index to the Grooms, their Index number and the name of the Bride. The data base is also sorted alphabetically by Bride’s name with the corresponding Groom’s name. To see how this Index is organized Click HERE.

What else can the Index at this website be used for? For starters, it gives you points of reference to finding a set of information in the full Marriage Registry where, for Israel you would look on page 99 and registry number 124 to get the complete marriage information. For an example of what the full Marriage Registry looks like, and to see an additional source of marriage information Click HERE.

The assistance of others in preparing this index is gratefully acknowledged. The first is to Ron ZINCK who provided a hard copy of the Marriage Index and posted the same on his web pages. The next is to Bob BROWN, Lynn BURRIS, Gary HILCHIE, Carol HINCHCLIFF, Jim HUBLEY, Bill NAAS, Phyllis POTTLE, Susan PRICE and Ron ZINCK for transcribing the Marriage Index details. Finally to Lynda ANDREW for providing transcriptions of the full Marriage Registry for 1864 - 1887.

While every effort was made to ensure accuracy, it expected that there are misteaks in this web site. Some occur in the data bases surveyed (for which I claim innocence), and some are from transcription of the data bases (for which mea culpa).

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