1754 and 1760

For this Index, data was taken from three sources:

  1. A List of Distribution of 30 Acre Lots 1753/4 was surveyed by W.P. Bell and noted in his "Bell's Notes" (B.N.). I then went through the first half of these notes; thus this data set is incomplete;
  2. a Registry of 30 Acre Lots, 12 Jun 1760 as surveyed by Bell and in turn incompletely by me;
  3. again the Registry of 30 Acre Lots, 12 Jun 1760; this was surveyed in its entirety.
Where there is complete data, you may note considerable turnover in ownership, due to return to Lunenburg (threat of attack by Indians), death, desertion, or move to another lot.

Names are listed as found. The same individual may be found in different places (e.g. DIEL/THIEL, JUNG/YOUNG).

Maps showing neighbours in the same Division and relative locations of Divisions are forthcoming.

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