about 1767

For this Index, data was taken from a Registry of 300 Acre Lots prepared about 1767.

Names are listed as found.

According to W.P. Bell, the lots were to be assigned in several stages as follows:

  1. The first drawing was reserved for settlers who had resided in the Lunenburg area since 1753 and had "improved" their 30-acre lots together with orphans of original settlers;
  2. The second drawing was reserved for "all the young men who have married since the commencement of this settlement, and have no lands given them, also those who have come of late amongst us"
  3. A final drawing was reserved to two final categories:
    1. settlers who had "sold their 30-acre lots and follow other employments than Agriculture," under the condition that that they must not sell their 300-acre Lots in "unimproved" condition;
    2. persons who had obtained 30-acre lots but then moved away and left those lots "unimproved" -these under the condition that they themselves return to settle, or cause settlement of the lots to be made, within six months after the drawing.

In order to obtain lots, the settlers had to pay a 1 £ fee to the surveyer, Mr. BRIDGE. This was not easily payable by all and not all those eligible fo participate in the first drawing actually did so.

Drawings for lots occurred:

  1. 3 Oct 1763; 90 participants
  2. 7 Nov 1763; 159 participants
  3. 3 Dec 1764; 30 participants
  4. 18 Feb 1766; 10 participants
  5. 15 Apr 1766; 12 participants

Maps showing neighbours in the same Division and relative locations of Divisions are forthcoming.

ACKER, Adam = 3rd Div C-1
ANSHUTZ, Paul = 3rd Div B-4
ARENBERG, Friedrich = 1st Div C-9
ARENBERG, Henry = 3rd Div E-3

BAARGELD, Johannes = 2nd Div C-9
BACHMAN, Baptist = 2nd Div B-14
BAILLY, George Frederick = 3rd Div F-6
BAUHOFFER, Johannes = 3rd Div D-12 (dead; Jacob KOLB married the widow)
BECKER, Henry = 3rd Div A-9
BECKER, John = 1st Div B-8
BEEK, Michel = 3rd Div A-13
BEENEY, Jonathan = 2nd Div A-11
BELOUD, Luis = 2nd Div E-14
BENTZ, Johannes = 1st Div E-5
BENTZ, Johannes = 2nd Div C-10
BERINGER, Rudolph = 2nd Div C-7
BESANCON, John Nicolas = 3rd Div A-16
BIELER, Adam = 3rd Div E-8 (his children)
BINDER, Urban = 1st Div D-3
BISETTE, George Jr = South Div 10
BLEYSTEINER, Matthew = 2nd Div E-3
BOEHNER, George = 2nd Div A-1
BORN, Martin = 3rd Div E-9
BOULLION, Adam = 3rd Div B-5
BOURGOGNE, Mark = 2nd Div E-12
BOUTELLIER, George = 2nd Div F-6
BOUTELLIER, Jaque = 3rd Div F-15
BOUTTIELLEIR, John = 3rd Div E-16
BRAND, Jacob = 3rd Div F-2 (his children)
BRIDGE, Benjamin = 2nd Div F-3
BRUCKBAUER, George = 3rd Div B-2
BRUM, Melchior = 2nd Div C-11 (& the next island)
BUBIKHOFER, Peter = 3rd Div G-15

CELLER, Michel = 2nd Div H-11
CLAUSENER, Michel = 3rd Div C-4
CONRAD, George = 2nd Div F-16
CONRAD, Jacob = 3rd Div E-6
CONRAD, Lorentz = 3rd Div E-15
CONRAD, Lorentz Sr = 2nd Div F-10
CONRAD, Nicolaus = 4th Div F-3
CONTOY Joseph = 1st Div E-4
COVEY, James = 1st Div C-3
CRANNER, Peter = 1st Div F-3
CREIGHTON, John = 2nd Div B-6
CRIESER, Conrad = 3rd Div D-14
CROOK, John = 2nd Div A-10
CUNNINGHAM, John = 1st Div A-10
Common = 5th Div 2

DAN, Elisabeth Barbra = 3rd Div D-10
DARE', Nicola = 3rd Div D-5
DEITHOFER, George = 2nd Div A-12
DEUBERT, Johannes = 3rd Div D-4
DIEL, Asmus = 2nd Div A-5
DONIG, John = 2nd Div C-6
DONZEL, George = 3rd Div D-1
DOPHINET, Jean = 3rd Div B-14
DURANT, Dominique = 2nd Div B-2
DUVOISOIN, Henry = 3rd Div B-16 (his children)
EISENHAUER, Adam = 2nd Div D-1
EISENHAUER, Nicolas = 3rd Div A-6
EMENOT, Friedrich = 1st Div C-10
ENGEL, Johannes = 3rd Div D-8
ERAD, Elisabeth Miss = 4th Div A-1
ERNST, Christian = 1st Div A-3
ERNST, Henry = 1st Div C-7
EWALD, George = 2nd Div A-6

FAUSEL, Jacob = 3rd Div C-3
FEDER, Henry = 2nd Div C-16
FEHR, Christian = South Div 2
FEINDEL, Georg Michael = 2nd Div G-17
FINCK, Christian = 1st Div C-6 (for Johannes MORASH)
FINNER, Mathes = 2nd Div G-13
FRANCK, George = 3rd Div A-7
FRANKLIN, Michael = 2nd Div F-7
FREUDENBERG, Conrad = 3rd Div C-9
FROELIG, George = 3rd Div B-7

GERHARD, John = 1st Div D-9
GERRISH, Joseph = 3rd Div C-16
GOERTZEN, Galle = 2nd Div H-13
GOETZ, Martin = 1st Div B-9
GORDON, Louis = 2nd Div G-6
GOREHAM, Joseph = South Div 4
GORKUM, Wilhelm Sr = 1st Div E-6
GRASS, Conrad = 3rd Div G-13
GRETAU, George = 2nd Div H-12
GROSRENOT, Jaque = South Div 1
GRUB, Sarah = 3rd Div A-14

HAAS, Andreas = 3rd Div E-13
HAHN, Friedrich = 1st Div D-8
HAM, Nicolaus = 3rd Div F-7
HARNISH, Christoph = 3rd Div A-11
HARNISH, Gottlieb = 2nd Div G-12
HAT, Jacob = 1st Div D-4
HATT, Conrad = 3rd Div E-11
HATTE, Johannes = 2nd Div F-2
HAUPTMAN, Michael = 1st Div B-7
HECKMAN, Casper = 2nd Div G-14
HECKMAN, Casper Jr = 2nd Div H-9
HEINER, Urbanus = 1st Div E-3
HEISON, Philip Jr = 4th Div F-5
HENRICY, Phillip = 2nd Div G-2
HERMAN, Peter = 1st Div A-6
HERMAN, Phillip = 2nd Div G-4
HEUSLER, Philip = 1st Div C-8
HEYD, Jacob = 5th Div 3
HEYSON, Friedrich = 3rd Div G-2
HILS, Daniel = 3rd Div G-9
HIMELMAN, George = 2nd Div G-9
HIMELMAN, MIchel = 2nd Div D-8 (dead; heirs, Geo HIMELMAN & Peter BUBICKHOFFER)
HINSHELWOOD, Archibald = 3rd Div E-2
HIRSCHMAN, George = 2nd Div G-3
HIRTLE, Jacob = 3rd Div G-3
HIRTLE, Leonhard = 2nd Div E-15
HIRTLE, Michael = 3rd Div B-8
HOEFFMAN, Casper = 2nd Div G-15
HOEFLER, Eberhard = 4th Div E-2
HOFFMAN, George = 2nd Div C-8
HUBLY, Ulrich = 3rd Div D-11
HUHN, Rudolf = 1st Div C-1

JAMER, Henry = 3rd Div G-4 (his children)
JEANPERIN, Urbain = 2nd Div F-8
JESSEN, Detleff Christopher = 2nd Div F-13
JESSEN, Gotthard = 3rd Div G-16
JODRY, Christoph = 2nd Div F-14
JODRY, Jaque = 1st Div A-1
JOLIMOIS, Pierre = 3rd Div G-14
JUNG, Andreas = 2nd Div H-2
JUNG, Johannes = 2nd Div C-2

KAULBACK, Martin = 2nd Div A-3
KAUTZ, Johannes = 2nd Div G-11
KAYSER, Michel = 3rd Div B-9 (his children)
KEDY, Alexander = 2nd Div E-10 (& island in front)
KELLER, Bernhard = 3rd Div D-3
KELLER, Jacob = South Div 7
KNAUT, Phillip = 1st Div D-1
KNECHEL, Conrad = 2nd Div D-7
KNELLER, William = 3rd Div C-6
KOCH, Henry = 1st Div E-2
KOEHLER, Gotlieb = 2nd Div E-9
KOLB, Jacob Jr = 2nd Div G-1
KUHN, Christian = 1st Div D-5
KUHN, Friedrich = 3rd Div G-8
KUHN, George Jacob = 2nd Div B-9
KURTZ, John = South Div 5
LACHMUND, Eberhard = 3rd Div C-14

LANGILE, Leopold = 3rd Div C-12
LANKERT, Ulrich = 2nd Div F-9
LANTZ, Henry = 1st Div B-4
LAUNER, Peter = 3rd Div F-14
LAY, Joseph = 1st Div B-6 (his children)
LAY, Michael = 3rd Div C-2
LEAU, John = 3rd Div E-4
LEHRY, Casper = 1st Div A-4
LEIGH, Benjamin = 3rd Div F-13
LEONARD, Adam = 3rd Div A-2
LESSLEY, Marcus = 2nd Div F-15
LINCK, Johannes = 3rd Div B-15
LIPPERT, Melchior = 2nd Div F-12
LOCKMAN, Leonhard = 2nd Div E-4
LOFLER, John = 4th Div F-1
LOHNES, John = 2nd Div A-14
LOHNES, Michael = 3rd Div G-11
LOTT, Frederick = 2nd Div A-8

MAAS, Christopher = 2nd Div E-1
MADER, Leonard = 2nd Div B-1
MAILLIARD, Frederick = 2nd Div F-11
MALMAHY, Jacque = 1st Div A-8
MANGES, Dorothy = 2nd Div D-5 (widow)
MASSON. Friedrich = 2nd Div F-1
MAUGER, Joshua = 2nd Div A-2
MAZLER, Christian = 2nd Div C-12
MEISENER, Casper = 3rd Div F-5
MEIXNER, Henry = South Div 9
METETALL, George = 3rd Div A-4
METTLER, Alexander = 1st Div F-2
METZ, George = 2nd Div D-3
MEURER, Jacob = South Div 3
MEYER, Christopher = 3rd Div G-7
MINEGO, George = 3rd Div A-3
MORASH, Johannes = 2nd Div B-13 (for Christian FINCK)
MORASH, Michael = 3rd Div B-13
MOREAU, Baptist = 2nd Div C-3
MOSER, Jacob = 3rd Div C-10 (of Oakland)
MOSER, Jacob Sr = 2nd Div B-8
MOSMAN, John = 3rd Div F-11
MULLER, Abraham = 3rd Div D-7
MULLER, Paul = 5th Div 4
MUSLER, Valentine = 2nd Div H-4

NAAS, Christopher = 4th Div D-1
NAGEL, George = 3rd Div C-15
NAW, Conrad = South Div 6
NEUFARTH, Leonard = 2nd Div B-11
NEUMAN, Gotleb = 3rd Div D-2

ORTH, Valentin = 2nd Div C-4
OSTERMAN, Johannes = 3rd Div C-13 (his children)
OSWALD, Anna Marg. = 2nd Div E-13
OTT, Frederick = 4th Div F-4 (his children)
OXENER, Henry = 3rd Div E-7

PAYSANT, Philip = 3rd Div F-9
PERNETTE, Joseph = 1st Div B-1
PFAFFHAUSER, Jacob = 2nd Div B-3
PHILIPS, John = 3rd Div B-12
POLLEVER, George = 3rd Div B-3

REHFUS, John = 1st Div A-2
REICHARD, Thomas = 3rd Div B-6
REINHARD, Nicolas = 2nd Div H-3
RIESER, Johannes = 5th Div 1
RIGULO, Friedrich = 2nd Div H-6
RIGULO, Vernie = 2nd Div E-7
ROBERT, David = 2nd Div D-2
RODER, William = 3rd Div F-8
ROST, Daniel = 2nd Div E-6
ROTHENHAUSER, Philip = 3rd Div E-10
ROTTINGER, Adam = 3rd Div C-7
ROUSE, Joseph = 2nd Div E-16
RUDER, Henry = 3rd Div A-8
RUDOLF, Leon Christopher = 2nd Div A-9
RUDOLF, Peter = 1st Div C-5
RUDOLF, Stephan = 3rd Div D-6
RUHLAND, Frederick = 2nd Div H-7
RUND, Adam = 3rd Div G-12

SCHAFER, Carl = 3rd Div E-14
SCHENKEL, Ulrich = 4th Div F-6
SCHERF, Valentin = 2nd Div D-9 (his children)
SCHMELTZER, Philip = 4th Div E-1 (his children)
SCHRAM, George = 2nd Div B-10 (his children)
SCHUTZ, George = 2nd Div H-10
SCHWEINHEIMER, Philip = 3rd Div E-5
SEEBERGER, Johannes = 1st Div A-9
SERTIE, Urbain = 3rd Div A-12 (his children)
SHAUBACH, Casper = 5th Div 5
SHAUFELBERGER, Casper = 2nd Div A-4 (his children)
SHULTZ, Ferdinand = 1st Div B-3
SHUP, Just = 3rd Div G-10
SHUP, Richard = 2nd Div C-15
SHUPLY, Henry = 3rd Div E-12
SIMON, John = 3rd Div F-12 (his children)
SLAGENWEIT, Joseph = 2nd Div C-13
SLEER, Jacob = 2nd Div E-8
SLEGEL, Christoph = 3rd Div D-13
SLUETTER, Henry = 3rd Div G-1 (his children)
SMITH, George Michael = 3rd Div G-5 (of Lunenburg town)
SMITH, George Michael = 2nd Div B-12 (of LaHave)
SMITH, Jacob = 2nd Div H-5
SMITH, John = 3rd Div F-10
SMITH, John Michel = 3rd Div F-3
SMITH, Nicolas = 2nd Div G-8
SNEER, Ludwig = 1st Div D-6
SPANNAGEL, Philip = 1st Div E-1
SPERRY, Jacob = 1st Div B-5
STEINFORD, John Jr = 2nd Div D-10
STEPHENS, Sutton = 4th Div F-2
SUTHERLAND, Patrick, = 1st Div B-2
SWARTZ, George = 1st Div A-5 (his children)
SWARTZ, John = 2nd Div A-13

TANNER, George = 3rd Div A-1
TANNER, Jacob Sr = 2nd Div D-6
TETTERAY, George = 3rd Div C-8
THOMAS, Edward = 3rd Div C-5
TIMON, Frantz = 3rd Div F-4
TOERPELL, Adam = South Div 11
TREBER, Anthony = 1st Div A-7
TREFFIAN, Phillip = 3rd Div B-1

UHLMAN, Melchior = 3rd Div F-16
UNSTATT, George = 3rd Div E-1
URY, Leonard = 3rd Div B-11

VIENNOT, Christopher = 1st Div E-7
VIENNOT, James = 3rd Div D-9
VIENNOT, Leopold = 3rd Div D-15 (by will left to son Jaque)
VILQUET, Pierre = 2nd Div E-2 (his children)
VINCENT, Robert = 1st Div C-2 (by grant, later to Rev. Peter DelaROCHE)
VOELKER, Andreas = 1st Div F-1
VOGELY, John = 4th Div B-1
VOGLER, Henry = 2nd Div A-7

WAGNER, Christian = 2nd Div G-5
WAGNER, Christoph = 2nd Div B-7 (his children)
WAGNER, Philip = 1st Div D-7
WAKER, Abraham = 2nd Div B-5 (his children)
WALTER, Andreas = 2nd Div H-8 (his children)
WALTERS, Andreas = 2nd Div G-7
WAMBOLD, Adam = 2nd Div H-1
WAMBOLD, Peter = 2nd Div F-4
WANNER, Henry = South Div 14
WEGSHEIDER, August = 4th Div C-1
WEINACHT, Adam = 2nd Div D-4 (his children)
WEISENER, John = South Div 12
WENTZEL, Wilhelm = 2nd Div E-5
WENZEL, Conrad = 2nd Div G-10
WESTHOFER, Michael = 1st Div D-2
WEYLER, Friedrich = 2nd Div F-5
WEYMAN, Mathias = 3rd Div B-10 (his children)
WEYMEYER, Jacob = 3rd Div A-15
WEYNACHT, Adam = 1st Div C-4 (his children)
WIDMAN, Valentin = 3rd Div A-5
WIEDERHOLD, Adolph = South Div 13
WIGEL, John Nicolas = 2nd Div G-16
WINTER, Phillip = 3rd Div A-10
WOLLENHAUBL, Casper = South Div 8
WOOLF, Nicccolas = 3rd Div G-6
WOOLF, Peter Joseph = 3rd Div F-1
WUST, Wendel = 2nd Div C-14

ZINCK, Casper = 2nd Div E-11
ZINCK, Peter = 2nd Div C-5
ZOUBERBUHLER, Sebastian = 2nd Div B-4
ZWICKER, Peter = 2nd Div C-1
ZWICKER, Peter Jr = 3rd Div C-11

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