Lunenburg County Place Names

This Index alphabetically lists given place names in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia along with coordinates that will locate them on the grid found on the Map of the County showing all of these place names.

This Index also gives former names of communities, where known. These names come from sources such as the Ambrose F. Church & Co Map (about 1870), DesBrisay's book on The History of the County of Lunenburg (1895), the Census of 1901, and from research of Ron Barkhouse of New Ross, NS. Should you find names not included here, please e-mail me so that they can be added.

There is also an Index of Lunenburg County Places (communities and land/water features) derived from Family Names.

If you click on the highlited communities, you will get a listing of Heads of Households in that community, taken from data on the AF Church Map.

For the bolded communities, you can also link to topographical maps of the communities as they exist today. These are found on the external South Shore Genealogy Society site, so to return to this page, use your browser's BACK feature.

If you want to know their latitude/longitude coordinates, go to the Natural Resources Canada web site that lets you input any Canadian Place Name and it will give the latitude and longitude. You can also input latitude/longitude coordinates and it will give all places within 5, 10, and 20 km radii.

Grid Locator - Place Name

E1 - Aldersville (was Moose Hill)
H5 - Andrews Point (not shown - it is 2 km SW of Indian Point)
K4 - Aspotogan
D5 - Auburndale (was Branch)

G6 - Back Centre (not shown - it is 1 km SW of Centre)
E1 - Back of the Lake (see Lake Ramsay)
H4 - Backhouse Shore (not shown - it is about 2 km S of Western Shore)
K4 - Backmans Head
C6 - Bakers Settlement
F5 - Barrys Corner
C4 - Barss Corner (was Centreville)
H7 - Bayport (was Lower south)
K5 - Bayswater (was Sandy Beaches)
G3 -Beech Hill
F2 - Bellevue (not shown - it is 2 km S of New Ross)
G7 - Bell's Cove (see Dublin Shore)
F5 - Big Lots
J5 - Big Tancook Island
H5 - Birch Point (not shown - it is on N shore of Martins River, at extreme E end)
K4 - Birchy Head
I6 - Black Rocks (see Stonehurst East)
J5 -Blandford
F5 - Blockhouse
I6 - Blue Rock (see Blue Rocks)
H6 - Blue Rocks
H4 - Borgels Point
D5 - Branch (see Auburndale)
D5 - Branch LaHave
E6 - Bridgewater
F8 - Broad Cove (was Hunter's Bay)
E8 - Bull Run (see Middlewood)

C4 - Caledonia Junction (was Watford)
D7 - Camperdown (also spelled Campertown)
I2 - Canaan
G6 - Centre
C4 - Centreville (not shown - it is halfway between New Germany and Barss Corner)
F2 - Charing Cross (see New Ross)
B6 - Chelsea
E9 - Cherry Hill
B3 - Cherryfield
C4 - Chesleys Corner (see New Germany)
I4 - Chester (was Shoreham?)
I3 - Chester Acres (not shown)
H4 - Chester Basin
I4 - Chester Commons (see East Chester)
H3 - Chester Grant (was Grant)
G5 - Clearland
C6 - Clifford (see East and West Clifford)
A5 - Colpton (was Pleasant River Settlement)
I4 - Commons
E7 - Conquerall (was Hebbs Cross)
F6 - Conquerall Bank
E7 - Conquerall Mills
E9 - Conrad's Cove (see Vogler's Cove)
E5 - Cookville
G6 - Corkums Island
G7 - Creeser's Cove (see Lower LaHave)
I6 - Creighton's Island (see Heckman's Island)
G8 - Crescent Beach (was Petite riviere Beach and Romkeys Beach)
H7 - Cross Roads (see Rose Bay)
F6 - Crouses Settlement
E7 - Crousetown

F6 - Dayspring (was Summerside)
J4 - Deep Cove
H7 - Drum Head (see The Ovens)
G7 - Dublin Shore (was Bells Cove)
G2 - Dutch Settlement (see Seffernville)

I4 - East Chester (was Molands Settlement and Scotch Cove)
C5 - East Clifford (was Clifford)
J5 - East Ironbound Island (not shown - due S of New Harbour and due E of the South end of Big Tancook Island)
G7 -East LaHave (was Lower LaHave and Parks Creek)
F7 - East Lahave Ferry (see Middle Lahave)
J3 - East River
J3 - East River Point
I6 - Eastern Points
D3 - Elmwood (was Indian Settlement)

D3 - Falkland (see Parkdale)
D3 - Farmington (was Lantz)
F5 - Farmville
G5 - Fauxburg
D5 - Feener's Corner (also see Northfield and West Northfield)
H7 - Feltzen South (also spelled Feltz South)
H6 - First Peninsula
G6 - First South (was Upper South)
G7 - Five Houses
E2 - Forties (was Sherbrooke West)
E2 - Forties Settlement
D3 - Foster Settlement (see Parkdale)
K3 - Fox Point
D2 - Franey Corner
E1 - Fraxville (was Norwood Settlement)
G6 - Front Centre (not shown - it is between Centre and Lunenburg)

H6 - Garden Lots
G7 - Getson's Cove (see LaHave)
F2 - Glengarry
H4 - Gold River (was Gould River)
H4 - Gould River (see Gold River)
H3 - Grant (see Chester Grant)
I4 - Graves Island
F8 - Green Bay
G6 - Grimms Settlement

F1 - Harriston
E6 - Hebb Settlement (see Hebbville)
E7 - Hebbs Cross (also see Conquerall)
I6 - Hebbs Island (see Heckman's Island)
E6 - Hebbville (was Hebb Settlement)
I6 - Heckmans Island (was Creightons Island and Hebbs Island)
B4 - Hemford
G6 - Hermans Island (was also spelled Harmons Island)
E6 - High Head
F8 - Hunter's Bay (see Broad Cove)
G5 - Hyson Point (not shown - it is 2 km E of Oakland)

G7 - Indian Path (not shown - it is 2 km NNE of Parks Creek)
H5 - Indian Point (was Rous' Point)
G5 - Indian Point Cove (not shown - 1 km SW of Indian Point)
D3 - Indian Settlement (see Elmwood)
E7 - Italy Cross (was New Italy)

G5 - Kinburn (see Mahone Bay)
H7 - Kingsburg

G7 - LaHave (was Getsons Cove)
D7 - Laconia
E7 - Lake Centre
E1 - Lake Ramsay (was Back of the Lake and Lake Settlement)
E1 - Lake Settlement (see Lake Ramsay)
D3 - Lake William
D3 - Lantz (see Farmington)
C7 - Lapland
H5 - Leg Point (not shown - it is on the South side of Martins River, at the mouth)
G1 - Leville (was Levyville)
G1 - Levyville (see Leville)
F1 - Lewiston (see New Russell & Leville)
G6 - Lily Dale
J5 - Little Tancook Island
I4 - Lobster Point (not shown - it is 2 km E of Chester)
J5 - Lower Blandford
D5 - Lower Branch
D3 - Lower Foster Settlement (see Maplewood)
H4 - Lower Grant Road (not shown - it is just N of Middle River)
G7 -Lower LaHave (also see East Lahave and was Creesers Cove)
F5 - Lower New Cornwall
E5 - Lower Northfield (was Northfield)
H7 - Lower Rose Bay (was Rose Bay)
H7 - Lower South (see Bayport)
H6 - Lunenburg (was Malagash or Merliguesche)

G5 - Maders Cove
G5 - Mahone Bay (was Mush-a-Mush)
F5 - Maitland
F5 - Maitland Forks
H6 - Malagash (see Lunenburg)
D3 - Maplewood (was Lower Foster Settlement and Falkland)
H4 - Marriotts Cove (was West Chester)
G6 - Martins Brook
H5 - Martins Point (was Murder Point)
G5 - Martins River (was Salmon River)
G6 - Masons Beach
H6 - Masons Island
G8 - Meisners Island (not shown - it is )
B3 - Meisners Section
H6 - Merliguesche (see Lunenburg)
F7 - Middle LaHave (was East LaHave Ferry)
E4 - Middle New Cornwall (was New Cornwall)
H4 - Middle River
E8 - Middleton (see Middlewood)
E8 - Middlewood (was Bull Run and Middleton)
D5 - Midville (see Midville Branch)
D5 - Midville Branch (was Midville)
K3 - Mill Cove
F1 - Mill Road
I4 - Moland's Settlement (see East Chester area)
E1 - Moose Hill (see Aldersville)
E5 - Mossman Corner
H5 - Murder Point (see Martin's Point)

F7 - Mount Pleasant
H5 - Murder Point (see Martin's Point)
G5 - Mush-a-Mush (see Mahone Bay)

C5 - New Canada
E4 - New Cornwall (see Middle New Cornwall)
F7 - New Cumberland
A6 - New Elm
C4 - New Germany (was Chesleys Corner and Rosedale)
K5 - New Harbour
E7 - New Italy (see Italy Cross)
F2 - New Ross
F1 - New Russell
D3 - Newburne (also spelled Newbern and Newburn)
D6 - Newcombville
B4 - Nineveh
B3 - North River (was Robar Settlement)
G6 - North West
D5 - Northfield (see Lower Northfield and Feeners Corner)
K4 - Northwest Cove
E1 - Norwood Settlement (see Fraxville)

E6 - Oak Hill
H4 -Oak Island
G5 - Oakland
G5 - Oakland Lake (not shown - it is 1 km north of Oakland)
B4 - Ohio (see Simpsons Corner)
H7 - Ovens (was Drum Head and Owens Head)
H7 - Owens Head (see The Ovens)

D3 - Parkdale (was Falkland)
G7 - Parks Creek (see also East LaHave)
G7 - Pentz
F7 - Pernett's Cove (see West LaHave)
F8 - Petite Riviere
G8 - Petite Rivier Beach (see Crescent Beach)
E5 - Pine Grove
D4 - Pinehurst (was Riverdale)
A5 - Pleasant River Settlement (see Colpton)
F6 - Pleasantville

F6 - Rhodes Corner
H7 - Ritcey's Cove (see Riverport)
H7 - Riverport (was Ritcey's Cove)
D4 - Riversdale (see Pinehurst)
B3 - Robar Settlement (see North River)
H4 - Robinsons Corner
G8 - Romkey's Beach (see Crescent Beach)
H7 -Rose Bay (was Cross Roads)
C3 - Rosebud (see Stanburne)
C4 - Rosedale (see New Germany)
H5 - Rous' Point (see Indian Point)

G5 - Salmon River (see Martin's River)
K5 - Sandy Beaches (see Bayswater)
D3 - Scarsdale
I4 - Scotch Cove (see East Chester)
H6 - Second Peninsula
G2 - Seffernsville (was Dutch Settlement)
E2 - Sherbrooke West (see Forties/The Forties)
H2 - Sherwood
I4 - Shoreham (see Chester)
K3 - Simms Settlement
B4 - Simpsons Corner
E8 - Somerset
K4 - Southwest Cove
G6 - Spectacle Lakes (not shown - it is between Centre and Rhodes Corner)
I3 - Squid Cove
C3 - Stambourne (see Stanburne)
C3 - Stanburne (was also spelled Stambourne and was Rosebud)
C4 - Stanley Section
I6 - Stonehurst East (Black Rocks)
I6 - Stonehurst West
F6 - Summerside (see Dayspring)
G6 - Sunnybrook
E5 - Sweetland

G6 - Tanners Settlement
K4 - The Lodge
H5 - The Narrows
I4 - The Peninsula (not shown - it is immediately south of Chester)

D4 - Union Square
J4 - Upper Blandford
C5 - Upper Branch
B6 - Upper Chelsea
D4 - Upper Cornwall (see Upper New Cornwall)
H7 - Upper Kingsburg
F6 - Upper LaHave
D4 - Upper New Cornwall (was Upper New Cornwall)
D4 - Upper Northfield
G6 - Upper South (see First South)

E9 - Voglers Cove (was Conrads Cove)

E3 - Walden (was Woodstock)
C7 - Waterloo
C4 - Watford (see also Caledonia Junction)
D5 - Wentzells Lake
H4 - West Chester (see Marriott's Cove)
C6 - West Clifford (was Clifford)
G7 - West Dublin
F7 - West Lahave (was Pernetts Cove and West LaHave Ferry)
F7 - West Lahave Ferry (see West LaHave)
D5 - West Northfield (was Feeners Corner and Mossmans Corner)
H4 - Western Shore
F5 - Whynotts Settlement
E6 - Wileville
H3 - Windsor Road
E3 - Woodstock (see Walden)

H5 - Youngs Island (not shown - it is 3 km E of the mouth of Martins River))

H5 - Zwicker Island (not shown - it is 1 km E of Indian Point)

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