Volume 1 1759-1775

The purpose of this Index is to list who sold and bought land in the earliest years of Lunenburg's existence. It covers Lunenburg township only (although a few Chester transactions may have snuck in).

Land grants for Town Lots, Garden Lots, and 30 Acre Farm Lots were given out in 1753-4. Presumably, these lots were freely sold and bought almost immediately. The 300 Acre Forest Lots were given out in 1763-6.

However, formal records of these transfers were not maintained in the Land Deed Offices until 20 November 1759. Thereafter, transfers were recorded in long hand in a series of Volumes. This Index covers only Volume One, which ended 31 March 1775. It represents nearly 1200 transactions.

Within the index, you will find:

  • the FAMILY NAMES (the spelling used may be different - they have been standardized to facilitate sorting)
  • the Given Name of the head of the household
  • if sale is to or from
  • the Sequence Number for the Index (incomplete)
  • the Page Number in Volume 1
  • the year of the sale
  • the location and type of lot (incomplete).

    This Index is not complete, due to lack of time to record all the available data. Names A-K were recorded from a consolidated index of grantors (sellers). This gave the general location of the lots, the volume number, the page number, and year, but did not record the sequence number of the deed registration. For the remainder of the alphabet, I photocopied (at $1 per page) the Index in the front of the Volume itself. This recorded only the grantor to grantee (seller to buyer), the sequence number, and the page number.

    Other information found in the deeds (after wading through the legalese) but not given here include:

  • the occupations (lots of yoemen) and residences of the seller and buyer
  • the relationship between seller and buyer (e.g. if parent - child, or heirs, or other)
  • a description of the property. Early references are to the original lot descriptions. However some use a "pile of stones" or a "dead spruce" as reference point when giving distances of the lot's sides. Chances are those are no longer there.
  • the selling price.

    After all the sales (to) were entered, the same data was copied and flipped to record the transfer as a purchase (from). Then all the data were combined and sorted so you can see all the land transfers by an individual.

    The following abbreviations were used for lot locations:

  • 1 or 2 Pen (30) = First or Second Peninsula 30 acre
  • Center (30) = Center Range 30 acre
  • Clear (30) = Clearland 30 acre
  • Common (30) = Common Range 30 acre
  • Gdn Lot = Garden Lot
  • Ind Pt (30) = Indian Point 30 acre
  • Kingsb (30) = Kingsburg 30 acre
  • LaHave (30) = LaHave River 30 acre
  • Lburg (Twn/GL) = Lunenburg; probably a Town Lot, but could be a Garden Lot
  • MahBay (30) = Mahone Bay 30 acre
  • Middle (30) = Middle Range 30 acre
  • NWR (30) = North West Range 30 acre
  • Oakl (30) = Oakland 30 acre
  • Rose B (30) = Rose Bay 30 acre
  • South (300) = South Division 300 acre
  • Twnshp (300) = Lunenburg Township 300 acre
  • XCh = Lots exchanged

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