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There were five different series of land grants issued to the first settlers in Lunenburg Township between arrival in 1753 and formal land grants in 1784. The names and lots granted are found separately elsewhere at this web site and at another.

This alphabetical Index combines the data from these separate series into a single one.

The spelling of the names found in these other series are generally as found, whereas here, standardized family name spellings are used and follow closely those used by Dr Winthrop Bell in his research papers compiled while preparing for his book "The Foreign Protestants and the Settlement of Nova Scotia".

Links to the other series are given below. It should be noted that the 1754 data in these series were incomplete. This Index has been updated and is more complete.

Links to Individual Names:

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The Index draws data from the following types of grants:

1. Lunenburg Town Lots - These 40 x 60 foot lots in the town were assigned by a random draw before the settlers left Halifax in May 1753. The original records have not been discovered. However Dr Bell located what are called Division Returns List of 1754 which he abstracted and were used here. A followup 1762 Registry of Town Lots List was compiled in 1762 and a microfilmed copy found at the South Shore Genealogical Society (SSGS) in Lunenburg was used. See Maps of Town.

2. Garden Lots - These 70 x 160 ft lots just east of the town were given to settlers so that they could grow their own food. They were assigned about 1753. The data presented here come from a list of lot assignments as of 1762 (available on microfilm at the SSGS). See Maps of Garden Lots.

3. 30 Acre Farm Lots - These lots assigned by a random draw were generally around the coast line or along the eastern bank of the LaHave River. Dr Bell's summary of a List of Distribution of 30 Acre Lots 1753/4 and a Registry of 30 Acre Lots of 12 Jun 1760 (available on microfilm at the SSGS) were consulted. See Maps of 30 Acre Farm Lots.

4. 300 Acre Forest Lots - For this Index, data was taken from a Registry of 300 Acre Lots prepared about 1767(available on microfilm at the SSGS). See Maps of 300 Acre Farm Lots.

5. Township Grants of 1784 - Although the early settlers were able to sell/buy/exchange/will the land granted to them, they did not formally "own" the land until 1784, when the authorities "legalized" the land holdings. The documentation only recognized the total acreage held at that time by individuals and did not specify location. This link is to Cathy DiPietro's site and was taken from M.B. DesBrisay's book "History of the County of Lunenburg"

Although not a part of the Index on this page, there is another Index to Lunenburg County Land Sales 1759-1775 available.


nf = not found; the appropriate record was searched but no data for this name
blank = not applicable

Crei = Creighton's Division
More = Moreau's Division
Rudo = Rudolf's Division
Stei = Steinfort's Division
Stra = Strasburger's Division
Zoub = Zouberbuhler's Division
as = absent
ch = children received land since named person dead
dd = deeded
gr84 = granted 1784
so = son

vc62 = land was declared vacant due to not being worked or improved

1Pen = First Peninsula
2Pen = Second Peninsula
Cent = Center Division
Clea = Clearland Division
Comm = Common Division
IndP = Indian Point
King = Kingsburg
LaHa = LaHave Division
MahB = Mahone Bay Division
MidR = Middle Range
NWR = North West Range
Oakl = Oakland Division
RosB = Rose Bay
SouD = South Division
Ac = Acre
al68 = allowed 1768
cd = land ceded
gr = awarded by a grant
grLCR = Land granted to Leon Chris Rudolf
hr = awarded to an heir since named person dead
nl = noted later than 1760 that person occupied land
or53 = land granted by order 1753
or63 = land granted by order 1763
or66 = land granted by order 1766
or68 = land granted by order 1768
or78 = land granted by order 1778
so = son received land since named person dead
ss = sister received land since named person dead
xc = exchanged with someone else
? = uncertainty of number

1st = First Division
2nd = Second Division
3rd = Third Division
4th = Fourth Division
5th = Fifth Division
Sou = South Division

Ac = Acre
hr = given to heir since named person dead

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