19 Feb to 15 April 1753

These Victualling records were gathered in Halifax for the period 19th February to 15th April 1753, or only a few months before the first settlers were transferred to Lunenburg.

The original records have not been seen. This transcription was taken from handwritten notes gathered by Winthrop Bell in preparation for his Book "'The Foreign Protestants' and the Settlement of Nova Scotia". The notes used here are held at the Public Archives in Halifax MG1 Vol 113 pages 517-524.

The Family NAME in Bold is generally the "standard" spelling used by Bell, although in a few cases, the modern spelling is used. The (NAME) in parenthesis is the actual spelling in the record.

The Victualling records were gathered passenger ship by ship, so that information is included here. Since Bell's other Notes indicate whether the family went to Lunenburg or remained in Halifax - that information is added. Where it is unknown where the family went, this is noted with a ? mark. In some of these cases the names attributed to a particular ship are not found on the available shipping lists. The victualling list also included individuals (children) who were in the Halifax Orphanage or others in hospital.

In some cases, individuals known to be in the same family (e.g. Abraham and Dorothea WACKER) may appear on separate lines. This indicates that the names appeared in separate places in the list.

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