It is likely that at some stage in their life,
most genealogists will want to return to where their ancestors once lived.

In the case of those whose ancestors passed through Lunenburg,
a pilgrimage to this quaint town is a "must".

During the run up to the Grand Family Reunion in 2003,
potential attendees were asked what the wanted to do at the Reunion.

The most common response was
"I want to stand on the land granted to my ancestors."

Nearly 1500 people felt the draw to come to Lunenburg in 2003.

The next quest is then to head for Europe to see the original homesteads.
But where in Europe?

Thanks to the exhaustive and painstaking research of Dr. Winthrop Bell
we have good evidence of where many of our European ancestors first called home.

Like most people, I too wanted to visit Europe to track down ancestors.

My first attempt happened during 1965 when I spent the summer in Europe.
I planned a stop in Luneburg in northern Germany,
thinking that to be the home of our ancestors.

I was disappointed in not finding any familiar family names in their telephone books.
It was not until later that I became aware
that none of our ancestors came from there.

Then this man entered my life.

Hartmut 'Tünn' Klein

In 2002, Hartmut 'Tünn' KLEIN contacted me out of the blue
and provided me with nearly two centuries of information
on the JUNG family back into the 1500's.

During the communications that followed,
'Tünn' mentioned that Lützellinden, home of the JUNG family,
had recently celebrated 1200 years of existance
and had published a book to mark the event. He kindly sent a copy to me.
Upon its receipt, I felt the desire to go there to be irrestible and I relayed that to 'Tünn'.

He responded with an invitation to visit and stay with him and his wife.
I immediately accepted, and set in motion plans to go to.

So, it came to pass that in late August, 2005,
my travel companion, Marlene HEWITT and I left for two weeks in Europe.
(Attendees at the 2003 Reunion may remember her as the coordinator of volunteers.)

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