This map below shows the boundary of Baden Germany about 1800. The blue area was part of the Palatinate about 1750, so inhabitants of this district are to be found on that map.

The Table lists the FAMILY NAME, Given Name (only if there was more than one family of this name), Town, District, and Emmigrating Ship and Year.

It is possible that for the towns listed as Durlach, they are simply from the surrounding area.

For boxes all in blue for a given name, that name is shown on the map with the corresponding town.

If any of the boxes are in pink, then the FAMILY NAME does not appear on the map.

FAMILY NAME Given Name Town Principality Ship & Year
BECK . Durlach Baden Pearl 1751
DIEL Conrad Durlach Baden Murdoch 1751
ERAD . ? Baden-Durlach Pearl 1751
FIENER . Frusinheim Baden-Baden Gale 1751
GIMPER . ? Baden-Durlach Pearl 1751
HEISLER . Knielingen Baden - Durlach Pearl 1751
HOLDRY . Durlach Baden Sally 1752
MERKEL . Durlach Baden Murdoch 1751
MEYER Hans George ? Baden- Durlach Pearl 1751
MULLER Daniel Wiesberg Baden Sally 1752
OX . Durlach Baden Sally 1752
PFEIFFER . ? Baden-Durlach Sally 1752
RUDOLF Leon Christopher Durlach Baden Ann? 1750
SMITH Ulrick Durlach Baden Pearl 1751
WOLF Johannes Durlach Baden Murdoch 1751
WOLF Nicholas Durlach Baden Murdoch 1751
ZUEM/ZURN . ? Baden-Durlach Sally 1752


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