This will eventually be a listing of all my direct ancestors and all of their known children.

It will be organized in an Ahnentafel, which is a German word (how appropriate for us Lunenburgers) that means Ancestral Table.

You can access the data in several ways:

  1. From an Ahnentafel Chart, which traces my ancestry backwards in time, starting with "you know who".
  2. From within the Ahnentafel Chart, you can link to Family Group Charts for each individual. These charts give the parents, spouse(s), and all known children. From there you can move forward or backward in time along the various lines.
  3. Go to the Table of My Ancestral Families A-M or N-Z where you can go to the head of the line for any of these families. This will be the individual furthest back in time (now known to me). From that number you can go to the Ahnentafel Chart and work your way forward.

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