This site is dedicated to those individuals or families who were present during the early days of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

It presents personal and property data for:

Somewhat arbitrarily, this list defines a "First Family" as someone who was either present at the first arrival June 8, 1753 or showed up in church, land grant, or victualling records over the next 20 years or so. This list is also restricted to Lunenburg Township and does not cover any settlement of Chester or Dublin Townships.

Ideally, all of the data presented here should have come from my perusal only of original documentation. In that way, any errors would be mine (assuming that the originals were correct). Regretably, I do not have access to all data in its original form. Thus, secondary sources (the works of others) have also been consulted; this means both their and my errors may have crept in. All this makes the Founding Families listing a tertiary site. It should therefore be used with some caution. At least it will point you where to go for confirmation (or correction) of data.

All data sources are cited. To save space, these sources are abbreviated. For example,

For a given family name, the data is presented in four sections: FAMILY NAME, DOCUMENTS CITING THE NAME, EUROPEAN HOMELAND AND LUNENBURG LAND GRANTS, and FAMILY MEMBERS DETAILS. In all cases, if any of the data is located on an Internet site, a link to that site is provided.

In the FAMILY NAMES Section, the following information is provided:

In the DOCUMENTS CITING THE NAME Section, the following information is provided:

In the EUROPEAN HOMELAND AND LUNENBURG LAND GRANTS Section, the following information is provided:

In the FAMILY MEMBERS DETAILS Section, the following information taken from various church records is provided:

Marriage and resulting children data is only provided for those born before arrival in Lunenburg.

Some of the boxes in the presentations is shaded in red. This indicates that information was not available or could not be located.

Further helpful data could include the Halifax Victualing records and other Lunenburg Victualing records. If located, these will be added.

Also helpful would be information on what happened to families who made only a brief appearance.

You bet!!!

Errors may have occured in my transcription from the Primary and Secondary sources, and there may have been errors in the Secondary sources to begin with. If any of you have had the good fortune to see primary sources and have corrected data, or new data, please forward to me for inclusion. I will cite all submissions.

Also, if you have, or know of web sites that deal with any of the founding families, please forward that for inclusion as well.

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