This alphabetical index lists the names of heads of households only for the 1872 families noted.

The original census lists the numbers of family fitting into age ranges and genders. This index gives only the total number of family members..

Within the index, you will find:

  • the FAMILY NAME (NAMES in parenthesis are the actual spellings found, if different)
  • the Given Name of the head of the household
  • the total number of individuals in the family
  • the head of household's occupation
  • where the family resided.

    Chester Twnp = Chester Township
    Lburg Twnp = Lunenburg Township (where outside the town was not given)
    N Dub Twnp = New Dublin Township (generally south and west of the LaHave River).

    This body of data provides some interesting statistics:

  • The average family size in 1838 was 6.4 individuals.
  • The largest families were those of Leonard HIRTLE with 18 members, followed by Leonard GELDART, Peter CORKUM, and Peter STRUM with 16 each.
  • The top 10 occupation listed were:
  • Farmer (1468)
  • Carpenter (45)
  • Shoemaker (40)
  • Mariner/Seaman (39)
  • Merchant (37)
  • Fisherman (32)
  • Labourer (29)
  • Blacksmith (25)
  • Miller (21)
  • Cooper (10)

  • and at the bottom, Beggar (1)

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