July 30 to September 3, 1756

After the Acadians were expelled from the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia, their abandoned livestock were left to fend for themselves.

In his book "History of the County of Lunenburg", (p 47) M B DesBrisay quotes others "On July 30th 1756, Captain John Steignfort, with fifty armed men went from Lunenburg to the Basin of Minas, and drove away 120 head of horned cattle and a number of horses, being part of the confiscated property of the French Acadians. The party returned to Lunenburg, September 3rd, with sixty oxen and cows, the rest having perished on the way - all the horses included."

In researching his book, Winthrop Bell came across a list of 282 names of Lunenburg settlers labelled as having to do with this expedition. Bell was unable to determine a convining connection to the cattle drive, although he noted that the small groups tend to consist of near neighbours (at 30 acre farm lots). They are listed in 47 groups of six each. Five of the names in each grouping were written in normal horizontal fashion, while the sixth was written vertically alongside. Since not all of the adult male settlers were on the list, Bell speculates (page 500 of his book) "(perhaps each group being represented on the expedition by one of its members, the others undertaking between them to do his farm work while he was away), and that those whose names are lacking did not see fit to join in the venture."

The following Table is an alphabetical listing of those on the list discovered by Bell.

This Table is in two sections as follows:

  • Standardized FAMILY NAME spelling that is used elsewhere in this web site and my best guess. In some cases, the name is new to me and is marked with a *.
  • FULL NAME as found on the documents consulted.

    All this data was kindly transcribed by Lorrie YOUNG of Lower Sackville, NS from lists compiled by Dr Winthrop Bell and held at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax.

    ? David Robert -4- V
    ? Jean ~flange
    ? Ulrišk t~Rjeder
    ACKER Johann Adam Acker
    ARENBURG Johan Friedrich Arenburg
    ARTZ Johan Peter Artz
    BAARGELD Johannes Bargeld
    BACKMAN Baptishe Backman
    BAILLY George Frederick Bailley
    BANVARD Pierre Banvard
    BAUHOFFER Johannes Bauhoffer
    BECK Michael Beck
    BECKER Heinrick Becker
    BECKER Johan Jacpb Becker
    BEGIN Jacques B~gein
    BELOUD Louis Beloud
    BERGHAUS Johan Nickolaus Berghous
    BERRINGER Rudoplh Berringer
    BIGUENET Jacque Biguenet
    BOEHNER Johan George Boehner
    BORN Johan Martin Born
    BOURGOYNE Marc Bourgoyne
    BOUTEILLIER Jacque Boutellier
    BOUTEILLIER Jean Boutillier
    BOUTEILLIER Jean George BouteUier
    BOUTEILLIER Jean~Nickolaus Boutellier
    BRAND Jacob-Brand
    BRUHM Johan Melchoir Brum
    CALAME Jacque Calame
    CLATTENBERGER Peter Clattenburger
    CONRAD Nickolaus Conrad
    CONRAD Jacob Conrad
    COOK Anton Koch
    CORKUM Wilhelm Gorkum
    COULON Pierre Coulon
    CRANER Heinrick Peter Cranner
    CREASER Conrad Kruser
    CROUSE Jacob Krauss
    CURIER Jacque Curier
    DEAL Asmus Thiel
    DEAL Conrad Thiel
    DEAL Jacob Thiel
    DELADERAY Luis Deladerry
    DEMONE Franz Joseph Timon
    DEUBERT Johannes Diebert
    DIETHOFF Johan George Thethopff
    DONZEL George Donzell
    DREXLER Johan Heinrick Dreschler
    DUTOUR Abraham Dutour
    DUVOISIN Jean Henry Duvoison
    EICHER Christain Eicher
    EISENHAUER Hafts Adam Eisenhauer
    EISENHAUER Jo~nnes Eisenhauer
    EMONEAU - Fr~c~erick Emmeneau
    ENGEL Johann~s Engel
    ERNST Heinri4~k Ernst
    FALKENHAIN Chuista~ Carl Falkenheim
    FAUSEL Phillip Jacob Fausel
    FEDER Johan Heinrick Feder
    FEHR Johan Christain Fehr
    FENEAU Gedrg~ Frederick Fainot
    FIENER Matthias Finer
    FINCK Christain Finke
    FORSCHNER Johannes Forchiner
    FOSELER Conrad Foseler
    FREDERICK Johannes Freiedrich
    FUS Johan Fuss
    GAETZ Martin Gotz
    GERHARD Johannes Gerhard
    GERTZEN Gelle Gertzen
    GIMPER Michael Gimper
    GOURDON Louis Gourdin
    GRAFF George Conrad Graff
    GRETEAU John George Gretteau
    GUIGNE Guillaume Guigne
    HAAS Johannes Haas
    HAAS Simon Haas
    HALTER Anton Halter
    HAMM Joseph Hamm
    HAPPOLD Christopher Gottlieb Happold
    HARNISH Chritopher Harnish
    HATT Conrad Hatt
    HAUN Casper Haun
    HAUPTMAN Michael Huptman
    HECKMAN Casper Heckman
    HEINER Urbanus Heiner
    HEISON Johan Freidrich Heison
    HEIT Jacob Heit
    HERMAN Johan Berhard Herman
    HERMAN Johan Philip Herman
    HEYBERGER Jacob Heuberger
    HILTZ Johan Heinrick Hiltz
    HIRTLING Jacob Hirtling
    HIRTLING Michael Hirtling
    HOFFMAN Casper Hoffman
    HOFFMAN George Hoffman
    HOHL Johan Daniel Hohl
    HOLDRY lgnatius Holdry
    HUBLEY Ulrick Hubly
    IRDMAN Peter lrdman
    ISLER Martin lsler
    JEALLIETTE Andre Jaillet
    JEANPERIN Jean Urban Jeanperrin
    JEAUDRIE Jean Christopher Jeaudry
    JEAUDRIE Jean Jacque Jeaudry
    JEAUDRIE Pierre Jacque Jeaudy
    JESSEN Christain Detleff Jessen
    JOLLIMORE Pierre Jollimois
    JOST Johan George Jost
    KAULBACK Johnan Martin Kaulback
    KAYSER George Samuel Keyzer
    KELLER Bernhard Keller
    KELLER Wilhelm Kqller
    KIRN Johannes Kurn
    KNAUT Phillip Knau~
    KNICKLE Johan Conrad Knickle
    KOEHLER Johan Gottlieb Kohler
    KUHN George Jacob Kuhn
    KUHN Heinrick Kuhn
    KUHN Johan Christain Kuhn
    KUHN Rudolph Kuhn
    LACHMUND Eberhard Lacmond
    LAGARCE Nickolaus Lagrace
    LANGILLE David Langille
    LANGILLE Leopold Langille
    LANGILLE Matthias Langille
    LANTZ Johan Heinrick Lantz
    LAY Joseph Lay
    LAY Michael Lay
    LEAU George Leau
    LEAU Jeaji Leau
    LERICH Casper Lerich
    LESLEY Marcus Gottfried Lassie
    LIEBSTEIN Felix Liebestine
    LINCK Johanne Linck
    LOFFLER Johanne Loeffler
    LOFT Joh~n Frederick Loft
    LOHNES Johnannes Lohnes
    LOTH* Johan Issac Loth
    MADER ~Johann~Leonard Meider
    MAILLIARD Pie'rfe Malliard
    MASON Freder~ckMasson
    MAUSER Geor~ Albrech M auser
    MEHLMAN Johan Carl Mehland
    MEHLMAN? Jaoiju~ Malman
    MEISNER Casper Meisner
    MEIXNER Johan Heinrick Meichsner
    MENEGAUX Jean Georg Menegaux
    METATALL Jean Nickolaus Mettetal
    METTLER Alexsander Metier
    METZLER Johan Christain Metzler
    MEYER Conrad Meyer
    MEYER Hans George Meyer
    MORASH Johan Michael Morasch
    MORASH Johannes Morasch
    MOSER Jacob Mosher
    MOTZ Hans George Motz
    MULIG Gottlieb Muhig
    MULLER Johan Wilhelm Muller
    MUSSLER Valentine Mussler
    MYRA Johan Jacob Meurer
    NAAS Christolph Naas
    NAAS lssac Naas
    ORTH Johann Valentine Orth
    OX Johan Ochs
    OXNER Heinrick Oxner
    PENTZ Rudolph Pentz
    PETREQUIN Jean Petrequin
    PFAFFHAUSER JaGob Pfaffenhauser
    POLLEVER George Pollener
    PUBLICOVER Peter Bubikover
    RAFUSE JohannRehfuss
    RAHN Jo'han Lorentz Rahn
    RAMICHEN Johan Wendel Ramichen
    REINHARD Nickolaus Reinhard
    REINHARD Thomas Reinhard
    RITCEY Johan Philip Henritcy
    ROBAR Abraham Robert
    ROMKIES Bruin Romkes
    ROST Hans Jacob Rost
    ROTH Hans George Roth
    ROTTTINGER Hans Adam Rottinger
    RUDER Johan Heinrick Ruder
    RUDOLF Peter Rhudolph
    RUHLAND Justinius Frederick Rhuland
    RUND Adam Rund
    RUST Johan Daniel Rust
    RUSTY Killiam Rosty
    SABATIE Moise Sabattie
    SCHAFFNER Adam Schaffner
    SCHAUFELBERGER Casper Schauffelburger
    SCHERF Valentine Scherff
    SCHLAGENWEIT Joseph Schlagintweit
    SCHLEAR Jacob Schloer
    SCHLIGEL Johan Chistoph Schlegel
    SCHMELTZER Johan Peter Schmeltzer
    SCHNEAR Ludwig Schnerr
    SCHRAM Johan George Schram
    SCHULTZ Ferdinant Sct~ultz
    SCHUP Richard Schup
    SCHUTZ George Schutz
    SCHWARTZ Johan George Schwartz
    SCHWARTZ Johannes Schwartz
    SEIDLER Gottlieb Seidler
    SELIG Johan Jacob Seelig
    SHANKLE Ulrick Schengel
    SHUPLY Heinrick Schulpy
    SIMON Johannes Simon
    SMITH Adam Schmith
    SMITH Casper Schmit
    SMITH George Michael Smith
    SMITH Jacob Smith
    SMITH Johan Michael Smith
    SMITH Johanne Smith
    SMITH Nicholaus Smith
    SPANNAGEL Andreas Sponnnagel
    SPANNAGEL Philip Sponnagel
    SPIDEL Casper Spidell
    SPIDEL Jacob Spidell
    STAHL Andreas Stahl
    TETTERAY Jean George Tatteray
    TREBER Anton Leonard Treber
    TREFFIAN Johan Philip Treffian
    TRIPPOS Joria~ Trippeau
    URICH Johati Leonard Uhrig
    VALET Pierre Vallette
    VEINOT Leopold Vienot
    VOGELEY Johan Vogeli
    VOLCKER Andreas Volcker
    VUILQUET Jean Pierre Vuliquet
    WACKER Abraham Wacker
    WAGNER - Phillip( Wagner
    WAGNER Joh~i4~ Heinrick Wagner
    WAMBOLT Adarf~ ~I~mbolt
    WAMBOLT Peter Wambolt
    WEILER Conrad Weiler
    WEILER Freidtick Weil
    WEINACHT Johan Weinacht
    WEINMAN Matthias Weinman
    WENMEYER Jacob Weinmeyer
    WESTHAVER Michael Westhoffer
    WINTER Johan Philip Winter
    WOLF Joseph Wolff
    WOLLENHAUPT Conrad'~ollenhauf
    WURTH Ĺ~Jacob Wurth
    WURTZ GQQrge Wurtz
    YOUNG Andreas Jung
    YOUNG Johannes Jung
    ZINCK Casper Zinck
    ZURN Johan Adam Zurn
    ZWICKER Peter Zwicker

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