(ca. 1749-1770)

Written by Winthrop P. BELL, Ph.D.
Published by J. Christopher YOUNG, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-9730393-2-9

873 pages in two volumes

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INTRODUCTION - How the book came to be published.

BIOGRAPHY of WINTHROP BELL A personal view of Dr. Bell.

ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS - Brief sketches of Drs. Chris Young, Terry Punch, Ken Paulsen & Peter Waite, and Heather Johnston.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - Who provided assistance during the preparation of the book.

GENEALOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF BELL'S REGISTER - Written by Noted Lunenburg genealogist Dr. Terry Punch.

THE FOREIGN PROTESTANT PLANTERS: THE SETTLEMENT OF LUNENBURG, NOVA SCOTIA 1753-1760 - Noted Lunenburg genealogists Drs. Terry Punch and Ken Paulsen wrote a brief history of how the Foreign Protestants came to Nova Scotia and Lunenburgís early days.

THE SOURCES OF INFORMATION FOR BELL'S REGISTER - An introduction to where Dr. Bell found information on the first settlers.

KEY TO DECIPHERING BELLíS REGISTER - Bell has nearly 40 different kinds of information on his pages. By using a typical page, these are each highlighted and described. The original sources for each item are integrated into this section.

BELL'S REGISTER - the bulk of the book, in Bellís own handwriting. In all, nearly 2000 individuals are covered. There are five sections:

  • I - Those Whose Ship from Europe is Known
  • II - Those Not Showing Up in Nova Scotia
  • III - Those Whose Ship From Europe is Unknown
  • IV - Those Who Appear in Bellís Miscellaneous Research Papers
  • V - Those Who Appear in 1749 Passenger Lists

    ALTERNATE SPELLINGS OF FAMILY NAMES - There is considerable variability in family name spellings. The ones encountered by Bell are listed here.

    INDEBTEDNESS LIST SIGNATURES - Over 800 signatures are shown for those who had to borrow to pay for their passage to Nova Scotia.

    RETURN OF LUNENBURG TOWNSHIP 1770 (CENSUS) - Transcribed by Terry Punch.


    Much of the information included in the notes compiled on Lunenburg families by Bell can be found at the Master Index of Lunenburg First Families.

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