Primary Venue

As you may know, Lunenburg was first settled June, 1753. The summer of 2003 will be the 250th anniversary of this landing.

Among anniversary celebrations will be a Grand Family Reunion. The Primary Venue for this event will be the 105 year old Lunenburg Academy. Here are some pictures of this historic school. The first two from the front were taken from a post card of about 1930 and in another taken in 2001. The third one, taken about 1970 shows the back side of the Academy at Lunenburg's highest point of land. Hillcrest Cemetery is immediately towards you and to the left (on the crest of the hill surrounding three sides of the school). The church to the right and about a minute's walk away is Zion Lutheran. St John's Anglican is also only minutes away

L'burg Academy circa 1930

L'burg Academy 2001

L'burg Academy circa 1970

Among the Academy's many features, are:

  • large classrooms; when tables are provided, you folks will be able to display the fruits of your genealogical research;

    Here are two pictures of class room 105, a typical corner class room.

    L'burg Academy classroom 105

    L'burg Academy classroom 105

  • It is adjacent to Hillcrest Cemetery;

    Here are two reciprocal shots from 3rd floor windows.

    L'burg Academy classroom 105 L'burg Academy classroom 105

  • It is only a block or so from both Zion Lutheran and St John's Anglican churches;

    Zion Lutheran Church St John's Anglican Church

  • When the Academy held it's 100th anniversary last decade it accommodated 1400 visitors;
  • Historical significance in its own right. There is wood wainscotting everywhere, including stairwells.

    L'burg Academy stairwell

  • It is at one of the highest points of land in town, so after you leave, it's walking DOWNHILL all the way!

    For more details see the Official Academy web site as well as one by Parks Canada

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