The purpose for this page is to let you know about books on Lunenburg History or Families
that are now available or are in the works.

For starters, the books listed are those in my personal library.

Points of contact are given so that you can make your own arrangements to purchase with the authors or publishers.

Unless specified otherwise, prices are in Canadian $$$ and do not include taxes if any, shipping and handling.

If you know of any other relevant books currently available or those in progress (including your own) please Let Me Know so that they can be included here.

Andreas JUNG and His YOUNG Descendants

by Christopher Young and Clyde G. Westhaver

Published privately by Chris Young
ISBN 0-9730393-0-2
Publication Date July 2002
Price: $41 CDN or $27 US, which covers shipping and handling

Description: This book covers 62 family groups and four succeeding generations with about 3000 individuals named. In addition to usual birth, marriage, and date information, there are extensive coverages of wills, land records, census records, and obituaries. There are also sections on the early history of Lunenburg, recollections of Evalina Westhaver covering about 1860-1880, recollections of Lillian Young covering about 1920-1930, over 125 mixed German-English expressions, and illustrated headstone symbols and explanations. 370 pages.

To Order: Contact Chris Young if you wish to have your name placed on a waiting list.
When the publication date is set, you will be contacted with Price and How to Order details.

As The Last Leaf Fell
From Montbéliard to the Head of Saint Margaret's Bay: An Illustrated History

by Barbara (Mason) Peart

Published privately by Barb Peart
ISBN 0-9689195-0-2
Summer 2001
Price: $50 + plus $15 for postage and handling in Canada or $20 to the USA

Description: This book is a personal, well-researched, detailed history of the Head of Saint Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia, tracing the journeys of its early settlers from Montbéliard and surrounding areas in Europe to Halifax, Lunenburg, French Village, and finally to the Bay. In the works for over 20 years, AS THE LAST LEAF FELL consists of 525 perfect-bound pages (8.5 X 11), plus 25 for the table of contents, index, and bibliography; it has approximately 700 photographs, some dating back to the early 1870's. The hopes and joys, trials and tribulations, dreams and disasters of countless dear seniors (many now deceased) hold one’s attention throughout the twenty-five chapters. The life of our early Mi’kmaqs and the folks at Lunenburg is revealed, and we can experience the gradual evolution of schools, roads, churches, industries, subdivisions, the effects of war, folklore, rum-running, the Nova Scotia Power Commission, country doctors, and much, much more. Indeed, there is something for everyone. Several families have been discussed including the Lunenburg names Boutilier, Burgoyne, Dauphinee, Dorey, Fader, Hartlen, Hatt, Hubley, Langille, Mason, Rhyno, Schlagenweit, Slauenwhite, Smith, Westhaver, and Young.

To Order: Contact Barb Peart at at 902-826-2827 or write to her at Barbara Peart at 77 Glenwood Drive, Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia B3Z 2E7.

Bell's Registers of Nova Scotia's Foreign Protestant Families
(ca. 1749-1770)

Written by Winthrop P Bell and Published privately by Christopher Young

ISBN unknown
Publication Date Summer of 2003 for the paper and CD-ROM versions . Price: unknown but near production cost

Description: This book, in Winthrop Bell's own handwriting provides about 40 different types of information on about 700 Foreign Protestant families that settled in Lunenburg and Halifax. Also included: 1770 Census, 820 Indebtedness List Signatures, alternate spellings of Family names, and about 50 maps of Europe and Lunenburg County. It is expected to be about 900 pages long.

Click here for a Table of Contents and List of Families Covered.

To Order: Contact Chris Young if you wish to have your name placed on a waiting list.
When the publication date is set, you will be contacted with Price and How to Order details.

Buildings of Old Lunenburg

by Terry James and Bill Plaskett

Published by Nimbus Publishing Limited, P.O. Box 9166, Halifax, NS B3K 5M8
ISBN 1-55109-153-4
Publication Date 1996
Price: $30 + shipping and handling

Description: This 82 page book, in stunning full colour, illustrates the unique architecture of old Lunenburg. If you didn't know what a Lunenburg "Bump" was before viewing the book, you sure would after.

To Order: I purchased my copy from one of the many "souvenir" shops along Lunenburg's waterfront.

A Family Tree of WESTHAVERS
From the Vineyards of the Odenwald to their Dispersion Through North America

by Clyde G. Westhaver

Published privately by Clyde Westhaver
ISBN none
Publication date 1997
Price: unknown

Description: This 179 page book is an update of his 1900 book on the Westhaver Family. It is also available in a CD-ROM version.

To Order: Contact Clyde G. Westhaver, 114 Marlborough Avenue, London, Ontario, N5Z 3S6

The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia,
3rd Edition

by Winthrop P Bell

Published by Nimbus Publishing Limited, P.O. Box 9166, Halifax, NS B3K 5M8
ISBN unknown
Publication Date Unknown, 2003?
Price: unknown

Description: This 673 page book, in scholarly fashion tells the What, When, Where, Why, and How the "Foreign Protestants" were enticed to leave Southern Germany, Protestant France, and Switzerland and come to settle in Nova Scotia, primarily in Lunenburg and Halifax. If you are a historian, this book is for you. It is weak on the Who.

To Order: Contact Chris Young if you wish to have your name placed on a waiting list.
When the publication date is set, you will be contacted with Price and How to Order details.

Freeman Families of Nova Scotia and their
Ancestors and Descendants and Allied Families

by Viva E. Freeman

Published by - North Queens Heritage Society, Caledonia, Queens County, N.S.
ISBN: unknown
Publication date original 1986; reprint 2001
Price: comb-bound paper edition $150 + $10 postage; CD edition (searchable, uses Adobe Reader) - $75 + $5 postage

Description: In her 1531 page work, Mrs. Freeman included both comprehensive and easy to follow genealogical information on Nova Scotian Freemans and families related to them and included a 256 page index. She later published a 52 page Supplement. The reprint includes all of the above.

To Order: Contact North Queens Heritage Society, Box 88, Caledonia, Queens Co., N.S. B0T 1B0 .

Historic Lunenburg
The Days of Sail

by Mike Parker

Published by Nimbus Publishing Limited, P.O. Box 9166, Halifax, NS B3K 5M8
ISBN 1-5510-297-2
Publication date 1999
Price: $17.95

Description: This 119 page book covers in considerable detail the hey-days of sail in Lunenburg. There are one or two black and white photographs on every page.

To Order: Contact Nimbus Publishers

KEDDY Family History
The Scotsman and the English Lady

by Vernon S. Keddy

Published by the New Ross Historical Society
ISBN none
Publication date 2000
Price: ?

Description: This 388 page book is an in-depth look at the Keddy family, particularly in the New Ross area. It covers 1128 family groups and about 6500 individuals.

To Order: Contact Vernon Keddy, New Ross, Nova Scotia, B0J 2M0

Ned Harris's Letters From Mahone Bay 1884-1889

by Robert Tuck

Published privately by Robert Tuck
ISBN unknown
Publication date September 2001
Price: $19.95 + $6.00 for postage and packaging

Description: In March 1884 a newly ordained deacon, the Reverend Ned Harris, arrived in Mahone Bay. Every few days Ned wrote a letter home describing his adventures. The 220 page book is lavishly illustrated with 18 pages of early Mahone Bay photographs and sketches in black and white. The book offers insight into what life was like in both church and community on Nova Scotia’s South Shore in the 1880s. For more details, Click Here.

To Order: Contact Robert Tuck or send $25.95 to Maplewood Books, 90 Maplewood Crescent, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, C1A 2X6.

Pictorial History of the Shire Town of Lunenburg
Volume 1

compiled by Wilfred Eisnor and Donald Eisnor

Published by Knickle's Studio & Gallery, Lunenburg, Nove Scotia
ISBN none
Publication date third edition 2001
Price: $19.95

Description: This 52 page book is all black and white photogrpahs of Lunenburg from 1880 to 1921 with the launching of the schooner Bluenose

To Order: I purchased my copy from the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg.

Reflections 2000
A History of West Northfield and Area

compiled by the West Northfield & Area Heritage Committee

Published by the West Northfield & Area Heritage Committee
ISBN none
Publication date 2006
Price: $40 + shipping and handling

Description: The first 115 pages of the book are dedicated to the history of the West Northfield area; the remaining 158 pages is all genealogy of the some 7000 individuals covered. There is a 10 page supplement.

Some of the many family names are Bruhm, Crouse, Darr, Dauphinee, Feener, Hirtle, Jodrey, Kelly, Langille, Lowe, MacKay, Meisner, Oickle, Ramey, Rhodenizer, Sarty, Silver, Veinot/te, Wentzell and Zinck.

Available from Lana Veinotte - E-mail -


The Zwicker Family

A comprehensive genealogy of the descendants of Johann Peter Zwicker
approximately 675 - 8 1/2 x 11 pages,
including a complete 120 page index.

ISBN none
Publication date 2004
Price: $40 + shipping and handling

Available from David Paul Zwicker: e-mail or
Lana Veinotte: e-mail -

The Rising Village
Chapters in the History of
Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia

by Malcolm G. Parks

Published by Community Books, Lockeport Nova Scotia
ISBN none
Publication date 1998
Price: about $20

Description: This 242 page book traces various aspects of Petite Riviere's history from its beginnings as a European settlement in 1636 up to and into the twentieth century.

To Order: Contact Malcolm Parks, Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia

The Rooster Crows at Dawn
My Eighty Years in the Nova Scotia Village of Blandford

by Lee Zinck

Published by the Blandford & Area Historical Society
ISBN none
Publication date Second Edition 2000
Price: $15.00

Description: This is one man's story of life between 1910 and 1986. The 136 pages cover all aspects of Lee's life and thus of his community. A very engaging narrative.

To Order: Contact the Blandford & Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 25, Blandford, Nova Scotia B0J 1C0.

The Tancook Schooners,
An Island and its Boats

by Wayne M. O'Leary

Published by McGill-Queen's University Press
ISBN: 0-7735-1206-3
Publication date 1994
Price: $17.95 about five years ago

Description: EXCELLENT overview of the Tancook boat builders and evolution of their unique "little Bluenoses". References to specific builders, plans and scematics for many boats built on Tancook. Covers period from 1905-1960, with number of photos. Includes list of registered and unregistered schooners; 181 pages plus 109 pages of line drawings, appendices, notes, bibliography, and index. Some surnames in index- Baker, Chapelle, Cross, Heisler, Langille, Levy, Mason, Slauenwhite, Stevens, Wilson, and Young

To Order: Try The Book Room, Halifax (bookstore).

Some Books on Lunenburg Folklore:

Images of Lunenburg County

by Peter Barss

Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold
Publication date 1978

Older Ways, Traditional Nova Scotian Craftsmen

by Peter Barss and Joleen Gordon

Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold
Publication date 1980

Folklore of Lunenburg County

by Helen Creighton

Published by National Museum of Canada, 1950
Published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1976

Bluenose Ghosts

by Helen Creighton

Published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson,
Publication date 1957, 1976

Bluenose Magic

by Helen Creighton

Published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson,
Publication date 1968

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