July 10 - 14, 2003


The Foreign Protestants, as they've been called, were fleeing tough times when about 2230 of them left their homes in Switzerland, France, and parts of Germany in the early 1750s and landed in Halifax.

In June of 1753, about 1453 of these settlers were transferred to Lunenburg to establish the community.

The Grand Family Reunion was planned as part of Lunenburg’s 250th Anniversary Celebrations and intended to bring together those interested in the Family history (genealogy) of Lunenburg’s settlers.

In 2003, about 1453 descendants of the founding settlers arrived to participate in the Reunion.

Coincidence? Destiny?

This revised page hopefully will help keep the fond memories alive through images taken by a wide variety of photographers.

Here are two signs on Highway 103 directing you to the best place on earth!
Welcome to Lunenburg
photo - Sandra Town
Welcome to Lunenburg
photo - Barb Peart

The first welcome from the town with the official Town Logo.

Welcome to Lunenburg
photo - Barb Peart

Here is the actual waterfront scene used as an inspiration for the Logo.

Welcome to Lunenburg
photo - Ken Hubley

So, now you are in Lunenburg.
Here is how the harbour looked in 2001.

Lunenburg Harbour
photo - Chris Young

  • The big red building on the waterfront to the left is the Fisheries Museum (and upstairs the offices of the South Shore Genealogical Society).
  • On the top of the hill to the left is the Lunenburg Academy (main venue for the first three days).
  • The Bluenose II is berthed near the smaller red building toward the centre.
  • Behind the black schooner at anchor is the shipyard where Bluenose and Bluenose II (among many other schooners, includidng the Irene Mary named after Chris Young's mother) were built.
  • The dip in the land to the right is where the first settlers came ashore (Rous's Brook).
  • The hill to the right is where the Garden Lots were located.

    If you wish a larger view of the harbour Click Here.

  • This is why we came.

    Welcome to Lunenburg
    photo - Lana Veinotte

    But first, make sure that you ...

    To The Reunion
    photo - Barb Peart

    The first destination was the Lunenburg Academy.
    Built in 1895, it was the main venue for the first three days of the event.

    Lunenburg Academy
    photo - Lana Veinotte
    Lunenburg Academy
    photo - Marlene Hewitt

    Once inside the school, the first stop was the Registration Room.

    Here are some of those who registered.

    9am - 5pm
    Meet, Greet & Hug all your cousins
    This was an opportunity
    to exchange family history.
    Tables were set up in class rooms to act as
    focal points for many of the families.

    Here are most of the families who had booked tables

    Here are pictures of some of the families who hosted the tables

    2 pm
    Unveiling of Foreign Protestant Monument.
    Blockhouse Hill
    1 pm and 3:30 pm
    Bus Tours of area
    to show locations of 30 acre farm lots
    Out and about 100 km
    7:30 pm
    Ecumenical Church Service
    Zion Lutheran Church
    9-5 pm
    Seminars with noted genealogists,
    historians and folklorists
    Community Centre

    Finally, here are some Miscellaneous Photos taken at the Reunion.

    There were numerous examples of chance meetings and conversations
    whose impact will never be forgotten.
    Here are some of those Magic Moments for you to enjoy.

    Events like the Grand Family Reunion don’t just happen.
    They work because of the selfless dedication of volunteers and paid individuals.
    Here are the ones who should be thanked.

    Thanks to Deb Wilson, we set up an
    on-line store where you can purchase Reunion-Related Souvenirs.
    Part of the profit comes back to the Reunion.
    This service is still available.

    One event that many of us had to miss on June 7, 2003
    was the re-enactment of the arrival of the First Settlers.

    Thanks to the marvel of modern technology and its application by
    Linda Mason, Lana Veinotte, and Rick & Barb Peart
    we can take you back to that day.

    In 2000, we held a contest to choose a Logo for our celebrations.
    Here is the winner designed by Bryan Keddy.

    Lunen-Links Logo

    The design was based on the schooner Larinda,
    which was built to conform to schooners dating about 1767 in Boston.
    The Larinda was in Halifax when Hurricane Juan roared through in November 2003.
    Unfortunately she sank at her moorings. Fortunately she is being refitted.
    This picture was taken August 2, 2004 during the Tall Ship Parade of Sail in Halifax Harbour.


    Interestingly, the logo is somewhat similar to the coin issued for Lunenburg's 150th Anniversary.

    Lunenburg 150th Anniversary Coin

    Thanks to Cathy DiPietro for recently unearthing it and providing the photo.

    Thanks to Randy Larsen, the coin for the 200th Anniversary has also been unearthed.

    Lunenburg 200th Anniversary Coin

    The coin issued for Lunenburg's 225th Anniversary turned up at Gwen Christie's mom's home.
    Thanks to Rick Peart for scanning it.

    Lunenburg 225th Anniversary Coin

    Finally, here is the pin issued issued for Lunenburg's 250th Anniversary. It is the size of a quarter.

    Lunenburg 250th Anniversary Pin

    One of our prominent genealogists who attended the Reunion, Don SHANKLE, passed away on January 1, 2004.
    See his In Memoriam page.

    Title CD Price Paper Price
    Maps Associated With Lunenburg County Family History
    by J Christopher Young
    (Details Here)
    Register of The Foreign Protestants of Nova Scotia
    by Winthrop Bell
    (Details Here)
    European Origins and Colonial Travails: the Settlement of Lunenburg
    edited by Paul B. and Eva Maria Huber
    (Contact editors Here)

    Unless specified otherwise, shipping is not included in the books above and below.

    Title CD Price Paper Price
    BACHMAN Genealogy
    by Sherry & Robert Comeau
    (Details Here)
    Under the Shade of the FADER Family Tree
    by Jean Tavanaee
    (Contact author Here)
    Descendants of Ulrich HUBLEY of Nova Scotia
    by Robert Crowther
    (Contact Maxine (Hubley) Pastirik Here)
    Andreas JUNG and his YOUNG Descendants
    by J Christopher Young and Clyde G Westhaver
    (Contact author Here)
    KAYSER Genealogy
    by Sherry & Robert Comeau
    (Details Here)
    NOWE (NAU) Genealogy
    By Betty Rhodenizer
    (Contact author Here)
    RHODENIZER Genealogy
    By Betty Rhodenizer
    (Contact author Here)

    There are a variety of Other BOOKS on Lunenburg's history and people available.
    This link will take you to a listing of what is available and where to order.

    Chris Young has a new book underway, tentatively titled
    "Families of Lunenburg County ca 1880".
    Click Here for a description.
    Publication date probably not until 2005.

    Last update 21 August 2004.